Construction update on 509-J projects


All the School District 509-J construction projects outlined in the bond levy are now being accomplished, according to a report by overall project manager Dave Fishel.

Fishel went over a list of projects that were underway or finished, and a few extra needs put in a “wait and see” mode to be done if the construction budget allows.

A long list of projects are being worked on at Madras High School, including the Performing Arts Center, new stadium, new track, and security upgrades. Funds were saved when it was found HVAC upgrades were not needed in the gym area, and a new practice field would not be needed because the existing field will remain in place.

At Jefferson County Middle School, Fishel said security upgrades and the new track were done, and the school had gotten the old MHS scoreboard.

At Madras Primary, security upgrades, the new playground and parking lot were completed. The replacement of windows and glass block is a wait and see project.

For Buff Intermediate, the district is in the process of completing a new design for the parking lot and bus drop-off area. This summer, roof repair and work to fix plumbing vent problems will be done, and security upgrades have been completed.

Metolius Elementary has security card access work completed. Projects slated for this summer include replacing the parking lot, and doing sprinkler and insulation work. The replacement of windows is a wait and see project.

No work has been done at the Westside building. “A decision (by the district) was made to do nothing, and the funds were reallocated to other schools,” Fishel said.

Projects are currently on time. The football stadium is slated for completion by Aug. 29, 2014; the Performing Arts Center by the end of October 2014; soccer field work (new bleachers and scoreboard) will be done this summer.

Fishel and Travis Wells reported on the work at Warm Springs K-8 Academy.

“Work is on schedule, and the 80,000-square-foot shell is coming together. The gym locker room walls are up, and the classroom wings are framed and being roofed,” Fishel said.

Things added to the plans include sports storage and a restroom, a voice enhancement system for teachers, an upgraded HVAC control system, roof upgrade for ice protection, and blended learning (library) modifications.

Wells said off-site improvements will include adding a half-million gallon water storage tank to provide a total of 1 million gallons for fire flow requirements. Work to enlarge the mainline capacity will be done in March, and for the water tank in April or May.

He also said the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs were providing funds to build a pathway to the new school from the Community Center, which is a bus drop-off point. The current 35 and 45 mph traffic speeds will be changed to 25 mph on that road.

Regarding staff for the new Warm Springs school, Superintendent Rick Molitor said transition Principal Glenna DeSousa is looking for teacher volunteers from JCMS, a presentation will be done to Warm Springs Elementary staff, then the entire 509-J staff will be surveyed to see if they are interested.

“Then we will put together a K-8 team and see what it will look like. We will notify the staff before spring break,” Molitor said, noting they will need nine core teaching positions from JCMS, plus teachers for electives like band and music.

In other business, the board authorized Molitor to negotiate an agreement with the city of Madras to do a land swap to allow for street improvements near Buff Intermediate. The city will be putting in sidewalks with money from a Safe Routes to School grant, and bus paths between MHS and Buff Intermediate will be realigned to relieve congestion.

Under personnel, the resignation of Warm Springs special education teacher Karen Rothery was accepted.