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The Crooked River Ranch Board of Directors Wednesday conducted its first workshop of 2014.

The first hour of the meeting was devoted to hearing Jefferson County Sherriff Jim Adkins and Cpt. Mark Hackathorn present their analysis and recommendations for enhanced police patrols of the Ranch.

Increased patrols have been requested by a group of Ranchers who are concerned crime is getting out of hand here, or easily could. That’s despite stats that Adkins handed out showing a steady decline in issuance of criminal citations to Ranchers since 2005, and a crime rate that is below that of neighboring Central Oregon counties, and the nation.

But Adkins indicated that, if Ranchers want additional patrol, and are willing to pay for it, his office will provide it. He thinks the best way to do that would be to establish a police district, like the Ranch Fire department, which has a board of directors to manage it independent of the Ranch board. and has its own finances.

Adkins also pointed out that the Ranch virtually had its own police force of a chief and five officers back around 2001 until about 2007, when it ran out of funding. Ranchers at that point were willing to pay. Nobody present at the meeting could recall how well it worked and how it affected the crime rate. Evidently it wasn’t enough to warrant paying for it when other priorities arose which required the same amount of funds.

Listening to Adkins at the meeting gave the impression that he thought his department had Ranch crime under control. He did point out that having deputies based here would definitely improve the response time to emergencies, which currently can be as much as 20 to 30 minutes, depending on road conditions and how thinly his force is spread over the rest of the county. It was left to the board to prepare a summary of matters for Ranchers to consider and what they would add to existing costs; incurring fees that would have to be funded from Ranchers’ pocketbooks.

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Adkins said the current jail bond levy will be finished in June. Ranchers currently are paying

45 cents per $1,000 of property valuation for this levy. Any new levy for increased patrols might be timed for consideration after that date.

On another subject, Adkins reported that he does not advocate closing the entrance to the Crooked River National Grassland to the north of the Ranch at the end of Peninsula Road. He says that the target shooting area that has been under considerable discussion lately is not unsafe compared to other such areas, but safety can always be improved with extra berms, fences, signs and regulations. It would be up to the HOA board to recommend extra safety precautions the Grassland might consider for that area.

Mitch Poppert next reported that the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners had approved the Ranch request for rezoning of three commercial properties in Phase 16, from Commercial to Rural Residential.

Next came a discussion on replacing or remodeling the Golf and Maintenance buildings or facilities, led by Mitch Poppert, a member of the Sub Committee with that name. After encountering some opposition to that discussion at this time by several attendees, Poppert ended further discussion until the sub-committee has examined the subject in greater detail and could make a recommendation to the board.

To help the sub-committee in its research, a motion was passed to authorize Poppert to investigate the cost of contracting with a construction engineer to survey all the Ranch buildings to see how many of them needed repair or replacing. Mitch did not want to estimate when the report to the HOA board might be ready.

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