Crooked River Ranch Roundup

Crooked River Ranch's 2015 budget will be reviewed again at the workshop on Monday, April 7, before final approval on April 20 at the regular board monthly meeting.

Of all the duties and functions of community governance the Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association Board of Directors carries out each fiscal year of operations, the preparation, recording and approval of an annual budget and capital reserve budget takes more time by more Ranch residents over more months than any other single activity of the homeowners association and its board.

This year’s budget process started on Oct. 23, 2013, with the election of officers of the Budget-Audit Committee. The 2015 fiscal budget will be finally approved at the HOA board meeting on April 21, unless some irreconcilable issues remain unresolved and extra meetings are required to resolve them.

A budget must be in place by May 1, when the existing budget expires and funds for Ranch operations from last year’s budget are virtually exhausted.

Between Oct. 13, 2013 and May 1, all eight Ranch department managers will have prepared an operating budget for their department and met successively with the Budget-Audit Committee and HOA officers several times to finalize department budgets that make up the total CRR annual fiscal budget and accompanying capital reserve budget.

The latter ensures setting aside sufficient funds annually to be available by the time the Ranch’s capital assets have depreciated to zero value, or are obsolete or worn out and need replacing.

On a positive note, Jim Dille, Ranch treasurer, said that the board instructed Ranch Administrator Judy LaPora, administrator, "to take the bull by the horns in the drafting and development of the various versions of the budget as we progressed. She fostered a real team effort between all the department heads to allow the focus to be on the most pressing needs at this time."

"The most complex issue we have to deal with, in my opinion is building up the capital reserve fund, which is vital to the Ranch's ability to preserve and/or improve the amenities on the ranch in the future," he said.

"For way too many of the first 40 years, there were no dues increases and nothing set aside for capital repair/replacement," Dille added. "This board has made a strong commitment to correcting that issue while doing our best to limit annually required increases in dues."


In last week's column, there were several inaccuracies regarding the 2015 Ranch budget. Corrections are as follows:

• Only golf membership fees are increasing; green fees and cart rentals are not.

• There are no additions to buildings in the 2015 budget, nor is the proposed alternate evacuation route of Quail Road in the budget.

• A new employee was added to the Ranch Road Department which accounts for its increased budget in 2015, not an unusually heavy load of repairs caused by the winter storm as reported.

• Jim Dille is Ranch treasurer, not Herb Parker; Parker is chairman of the Budget-Audit Committee. The responsibility for drafting and obtaining approval of the Ranch annual budget and capital reserve budget belongs to the Ranch treasurer, Jim Dille.

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