New owner at 'Snack Shack'


Now called 'Cowboy Kitchen'

A new owner will be making a go of it at what is known as the “Snack Shack,” located on Crooked River Ranch, adjacent to the swimming pool.

by: HOLLY M. GILL - Stephanie RoderickIn a place that has been traditionally known to sell quick snacks and prepackaged foods, the new owner is stepping out of the box and offering a different approach to the location.

In past years, the business has been known to be open only during the season, drawing its business mainly from visitors to the Ranch. However, new owner Stephanie Roderick hopes to change that, with a plan of turning the “Snack Shack” into a cafe, the "Cowboy Kitchen," where residents and visitors alike may enjoy home-cooked food prepared to order.

Roderick doesn't want to cater only to visitors. She hopes to expand her new business to focus on the residents of the Ranch who can enjoy a great meal, good value and exceptional service all year round.

With over 25 years' experience, 14 of which were spent as owner of a successful cafe in Sandy, Roderick and her husband, Bob, made the move to Crooked RIver Ranch after selling the restaurant in 2012.

In February 2013, Roderick leased a different building located on the Ranch, in hopes of opening a small cafe. However, because the building had never served as a food service operation in the past, Jefferson County required a $2,500 nonrefundable site planning fee to bring in electricians, plumbers, etc., to inspect the building.

Because of the uncertainty of the additional fees that might be imposed, Roderick decided to forego opening her business at that location.

Soon, the Snack Shack became available after the previous operator, Sharon Tindall, declined to renew her lease. At that point, Roderick and the Ranch began negotiations for the Snack Shack.

After submitting a proposal and a slew of supporting documents, finally, Roderick was offered the lease and plans to open in late April.

“I want to bring something new to the Ranch,” she said, “a place where Ranch residents can enjoy great home-cooked food, a place where they can gather and enjoy each other, right here on the Ranch.”

Roderick has hopes of becoming a large part of the Ranch community, hosting events, taking part in fundraisers and getting to know everyone on a first-name basis.

“I really want to support the community I live in and see growth and success in the events, organizations and clubs housed right here on the Ranch, developing long-lasting relations where we all support one another to create and maintain a successful Ranch community,” she said.

Although Roderick expressed a slight fear of opening at a location where the business has normally depended on seasonal visitors to carry it, she is confident that she can make it work.

“I think it will be great," she said. "As long as I serve quality food at a good price and do it with a smile, I feel good about my goal of turning the location into a year-round operation.”

Offering indoor and patio seating at the restaurant, Roderick is scheduled to open Monday, April 28, hosting a grand opening event shortly thereafter.