Erickson Aircraft Collection

Photo Credit: HOLLY M. GILL - The Grumman J2F-6 Duck, a single-engine amphibious aircraft, built at the end of World War II, is one of 21 aircraft on display as part of the Erickson Aircraft Collection at the Madras Municipal Airport.Just in time for the Airshow of the Cascades, the Erickson Aircraft Collection will open its doors in its new hangar at the Madras Municipal Airport this weekend.

From Aug. 22-24, Erickson will offer the special admission price of $5 per person to view the new museum, which currently houses a collection of 21 of Jack Erickson's aircraft from the World War II era.

Before the 64,000-square-foot hangar was finished in May, Mike Oliver, general manager of the museum, had already begun flying the collection over from Tillamook, where it had been housed in a 325,000-square-foot World War II blimp hangar.

Photo Credit: HOLLY M. GILL - Michelle Forster, assistant manager at the Erickson Aircraft Collection, has helped set up the new facility, which opens on Friday.Only three of Erickson's aircraft, a Bellanca Air Cruiser, Martin AM Mauler, and the huge Mini Guppy remain in Tillamook at the Naval Air Station Museum, which still houses about a dozen aircraft on loan from the U.S. military.

Among the most popular in the collection are the P-38 Lightning, B-17G bomber, P-51 Mustang and Grumman J2F-6 Duck.

After this weekend, cost of entry into the Erickson Aircraft Collection will be $9, $8 for seniors, $7 for veterans or active-duty military personnel, and $5 for ages 6-17.

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