One-time offer due to the sudden notice

Photo Credit: HOLLY M. GILL - The Buff Boosters club is planning to sell premium seats in the football stadium as a fundraising project.A Monday night change to the 509-J School District’s interdistrict student transfer policy allowed several late-filing applicants to be granted transfers.

At the Aug. 25 board of directors’ meeting, board member Brad Holliday proposed a one-time exception, due to the short notice of the new policy to stop allowing interdistrict student transfers.

He proposed that “parents who made applications dated prior to Aug. 11, be exempted and … that Superintendent Rick Molitor make the first determination on requests, and then the board would hear requests as a last resort if parents weren’t happy.”

Molitor noted that a letter had been sent out to parents to be present at this meeting if they wanted a transfer. A few who were unable to attend sent letters, which he read for them.

The proposed policy change was approved, and will go through a first and second reading before becoming final.

Several parents and one student attended the meeting and eight had their transfer requests granted, because they filed before Aug. 11. Three parents filed after that date, and their requests (one by letter) were heard in an executive session. Two were approved and one was denied.

Molitor reported that 33 new teachers started their training Monday. The district is getting ready for the Warm Springs K-8 Academy opening at 10 a.m., Aug. 27, and Madras High School stadium opening and barbecue at 5 p.m., Friday, Aug. 29.

A draft of the district’s “Strategic Plan for Future-Focused Success,” formulated by the community and 509-J staff at a three-day workshop this spring, was presented, and will be given to the teaching staff. It lists eight vision areas to work on including: learning, curriculum, instruction, assessment, technology, personnel, leadership and stakeholder.

“We will present this to the staff so they can have discussion and ownership of it. The staff needs to grab onto these (visions) and talk about it,” Molitor said, adding the plan would be brought to the board for final approval at the first October meeting.

Details on Buff Boosters' plans for the stadium opening were discussed. Booster member Laura Rehwinkel said seats would be sold on a first-come, first-served basis at the opening, Aug. 29, and members of the girls and boys tennis teams have volunteered to monitor the seats at every football game.

Molitor said the seats would cost $60 (for four games), which includes gate admission, and people would receive hard tickets listing their seat number, which they could give to others if they were unable to attend.

There are 119 premium stadium seats available, and Holliday suggested Buff Boosters be given 100 to use as a fundraiser, and the board retain 19 to give to major donors of the new track project as a thank you. The board voted in favor of that idea.

Under personnel, the termination of teacher Michael Osborne, who has been on administrative leave pending criminal charges, was approved, effective Aug. 25.

First-year probationary teaching contracts were approved for Sara Vollmer, Jefferson County Middle School; Jamie Trigg-Linderman, Buff Intermediate; Lanelle Landeros, MHS and Madras Primary; and Brett Brunner, MHS.

In executive session, the board discussed potential property transactions. Coming back into open session, Tim Gassner, attorney for the district, announced 509-J’s administrative rules were being revised from prohibiting the sale of any real property “for less than 90 percent of appraised value” to “not sell for less than 90 percent of the determined value.” Board approval is not needed for administrative rule changes.

No action was taken on property transactions at this meeting.

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