A project to widen Bard Lane is already underway as part of a series of the city's summer projects.

HOLLY M. GILL - Bard Lane was closed on Tuesday morning, as R-2 Contractors began the process of widening the road by 20 feet. The project is expected to be completed by Aug. 1.
The first of four city of Madras paving projects to be completed this summer got underway this week.

A project to widen the upper section of Bard Lane — from Hatfield Street to South Adams Drive — will help accommodate southbound traffic, particularly traffic from the Madras Truck Stop that was rerouted onto South Adams Drive and down Bard Lane during the 2015 highway realignment project.

The project, which started Monday, will widen the road by 20 feet — 10 feet on each side — and include installation of concrete curb and gutter, concrete driveway aprons, sidewalk, aggregate base rock, hot-mix asphalt concrete paving, landscaping, a retaining wall, irrigation and lighting.

The Madras City Council approved R-2 Contractors' bid of $199,692.80 for the project. The work is expected to be substantially completed by Aug. 1.

Next on the city's agenda is the completion of the segment of city trail which will extend from the Madras Bike and Skate Park on H Street to the Youth Fishing Pond, just west of the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on Fairgrounds Road.

The project, which will add 3,050 linear feet of trail to the city's trail system, is expected to cost about $500,000. Starting in mid-May or early June, the 10-foot wide, paved path — for nonmotorized uses — should be substantially completed by the end of August, completing the city's 6.4-mile looped pedestrian system.

About 900 linear feet of the trail will be constructed on existing city property, while the other 2,150 linear feet will be located on donated property.

Culvert crossings under certain areas of the trail will provide storm drainage. The project will also include a 150-linear-foot retaining wall near the fishing pond, with hand-railing, trail lighting, trees and an irrigation system, a pedestrian crossing at J Street, fencing and gates, and a directional sign.

Along with the trail improvements, the city plans to make improvements to H Street, near the Madras Bike and Skate Park, to make it safer for pedestrians.

Beginning in June, the city will start the project to construct about 1,200 linear feet of concrete sidewalk on the south side of H Street. The project will complete a path that starts on Second Street and gives pedestrians a safe way to reach the Madras Bike and Skate Park.

The sidewalk will include an aggregate base for curbs and gutters, with curb extensions and handicapped-accessible crosswalks at Second and H Street, First and H Street, Madison and H Street, and Marshall and H Street.

Roadway intersections will have storm drainage piping and catch basins, pedestrian and roadway lighting, and trees and landscaping along the entire project.

Low bidder for the project was Richard Bartels Construction at $567,857; the Madras City Council will award the bid May 9. The project, which will be constructed within existing public right of way, is expected to start in June.

The last city project, scheduled to begin in August, will be paving of 12th Street, from B Street to A Street.

The project, located on the west side of St. Charles Madras, will improve the road leading to the new ambulance entrance to the hospital, which will be located on the north side of the building.

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