Great for kids


   To the Editor,
   We attended the talent show at the Kids Club on Tuesday (March 23), and it was really great. I want to recognize the staff of Kids Club for their hard work, teaching kids the confidence of self and the courage to express themselves positively.
   I loved that there were no prizes, so each entrant was a winner. When we first moved to Madras, we worried that there might not be enough "going on" to keep kids out of trouble. From my positive experience with the Children's Learning Center (daycare/preschool), the Kids Club (after-school care), the MAC (swim lessons), library, the new bike paths, college, and movie theater, it is obvious that there is a commitment to build this community. We are proud to be a part of this town. As a parent and resident of Jefferson County, I want to say thank you to the businesses and people that support these local resources, and I recognize and applaud your investment in Jefferson County's most important product -- our youth.
   Tiffany Turo