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To the Editor,

I didn’t originally support the passage of the bond to build a pool in Madras because I wasn’t convinced that my family and the community would benefit much from a pool in town. Boy, was I wrong! When the voters approved the bond and the pool was constructed, I figured I was paying for it so I might as well use it.

I started lap swimming occasionally. Then I participated in the MAC Dash (triathlon) and decided to take swim lessons. Before long, my children and grandchildren moved back to Madras and started using the pool as well. We now have four generations using the facilities and the programs offered by MAC. We’ve participated in lap swim, recreation swim, adult and children’s swim lessons, and the swim team. The MAC Dash and Mini MAC Dash have become an annual family tradition. We take advantage of the youth soccer program, the fun run/walks and the competitive runs organized by MAC. I’ve even tried the yoga and water aerobics classes.

I can’t think of another facility that offers so many healthy, fun, affordable activities for such a wide range of ages and abilities. I urge you to visit the pool and see firsthand what a great facility it is. Come cheer on our swim team members, watch the youngsters gain new swimming skills, or just enjoy the smiles and laughter of a typical recreation swim if you aren’t ready to participate yet. Once you do, I think you’ll be convinced the MAC is a great addition to our community and well worth our support in the upcoming levy election. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you also find a fun, healthy activity that you’d like to try. Come join in the fun!

Nancy Richards


Board backing

To the Editor,

Education is the 21st century key to job creation. Therefore, the Central Oregon Community College Board of Directors has unanimously endorsed passage of the Culver school bond.

As a member of the boards of both COCC and the Jefferson Scholarship Foundation, I have on behalf of both entities awarded scholarships to Culver High School graduates at its awards ceremony. I have been impressed with both the quantity and quality of excellent Culver graduates who later have excelled in college and then in the job market.

The Culver School District faces immediate concerns: school maintenance and repairs that have been deferred too long, safety of the students, and inadequate heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. The problem will only get worse if it is not addressed now. Proceeds from the bond will be used to negate these concerns.

In light of the circumstances presented to a public board at the time a decision needs to be made by the board, the board considers the facts existing then and makes a decision. Times change, this bond through long-term refinancing of a debt, alleviates in these poor economic times a severe crunch upon the present Culver district’s budget.

My impression as a resident of Jefferson Count is that Culver rightfully is extremely proud of its Culver students educated in Culver schools.

The time and purpose is right for passage of this bond.

Don Reeder


Let MAC grow

To the Editor,

My family and I moved to Madras a little over a year ago and we were instantly drawn to the MAC. When people ask me how I like living in Madras, I tell them I love it. I tell them about our beautiful pool and all the programs that are available to the community.

In the last year, we have had the opportunity to be part of a triathlon, duathlon, a marathon, ultra marathon (40 miles), several 5k and 10k races, adult sports recreational leagues and tournaments, free swim events, several holiday and social events, weight loss challenges, and so much more because of the MAC. All of those activities are right here for us.

I recently traveled to Boston to run the Boston Marathon and I was so moved by the way that community stands behind that race. The city of Boston was so proud of what they had created. In light of the terrible tragedy that unfolded during the race, I think it is important to come together as a community and support healthy activity.

I believe that we are investing in the future health of our community, both mentally and physically and providing more for our youth.

The MAC is creating state champions, providing the elderly a healthy activity, teaching our babies how to swim, helping our teenagers set and achieve goals and bringing in money to our local business.

It may seem hard to give money that could be spent on something else, but when you think about the benefits to our community, or children and our lives, you might be able to find something in your life you could give up in order to make the financial changes.

I hope you will join me in voting yes for the MAC levy. I am proud of what our community has built and I want to see it grow.

Jamie Hurd


Culver, yes

To the Editor,

Wow, I hear you. Taxes, unemployment and the cost of living are high. The school district needs $9.75 million and that will cost about $2.63 per thousand of assessed property tax value. If I was looking for a reason to vote “no” that might be just enough.

Wait a minute, before you decide so soon.

What is the cost for our community if the bond doesn’t pass? Fewer teachers. Larger classes. Less educational choices. We will be investing in a structure that is deteriorating, lacks heating, electrical and energy efficiency and is not accessible for everyone (by ADA standards). More importantly there appears to be a lack of security, fire and life safety incorporated in the present structure.

Really, is that what we want in today’s world?

Investing in necessary and not extravagant requests sends a very clear message to our youth that they are important and valued. The same could be said for the staff we require to teach and mentor our children.

I have lived in the Culver School District since 1993. I raised two boys that went to school and graduated here. I am retired and have no children that attend school anymore, but I am grateful for the education they received here and am willing to support the next generation.

Lastly, if we want people to invest in our community with their business, increase employment opportunity and live here, these kinds of investments in our school are critical. When we moved here for employment, the Culver School District’s reputation was the exact reason we chose to live in Culver. I have been very proud to be a member of this community and see how we band together and step up when we need to. Now is the time.

Please educate yourself and vote.

Jack Jones


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