MAC a gem

To the Editor,

Thanks to those who have written letters pointing out the value of the Madras Aquatic Center district to our community. This fine facility represents an affordable, constructive and attractive year-round source of recreation, self-improvement and therapy for all ages. Can someone name anything else that does that?

We can all be proud of the MAC, its programs and the personnel who maintain this as second-to-none resource. But any gem like this has its expenses to continue to exist. I urge you to vote yes to keep this outstanding resource operating at a high level.

Lonn Swanson


Just recreation

To the Editor,

I have read with great interest the many letters extolling the benefits of the Madras Aquatic Center to families, individual citizens, and even to local businesses. I read that MAC currently receives about $208,000 a year from local tax revenues. I am so glad that the MAC benefits so many people and to all of you I say: My taxes are high enough! All of those who use and benefit from the MAC go ahead and pay whatever is necessary to keep it open all year if that is your desire.

I am trying to imagine one of you knocking on my door asking me to help pay for your weekend skiing or your golf game or whatever else you do for recreation. I think I am contributing enough towards the MAC. I am barely able to pay my property taxes as they are and if I have a little extra I would like to spend it on something of my own choosing. That is what we used to call freedom.

Sue Rahi


MAC needed

To the Editor,

We are so fortunate here in Madras. We have two of the best workouts available to us. Both have spectacular views. M Hill; I use it frequently, (Try walking it backward sometime, it’s exhilarating!) I have seen so many people walking to include families, moms and dads, with or without pets, groups of teens. Everyone is smiling, at least on their way down.

MAC offers the best opportunity for cross training. Walk the hill two to three times a week and swim and/or water aerobics two to three times a week. Can “in good shape” be far behind?

Bobbie McConkey


Can't back it

To the Editor,

I agree the buildings need work, but that is another issue. I have a problem with the cost of the property bought with a good faith obligation bond, not voters’ approval; $1.8 million for 16.8 acres of land in 2008. This is a huge cost along with the cost of securing the bond, interest and payoff to date for this bond.

A full faith and obligation bond is considered safe because they are backed by the ability to tax, no matter what it takes to pay off the obligation. The amount paid for the 16.8 acres with some improvements seem way out of line. I have been trying to understand why that small amount of acreage could be worth over $1.9 million. I have been asking the Culver School District for answers, but to date, none. The properties are worth per the school district $300,000 in today’s market.

The economy is not strong, federal governments and state governments are cutting back. Can I support this land purchase and building improvements? The bond proposed is now $2.63 per thousand for the next 15 years.

Fifteen years is a long time and I can’t assume that additional funds will not be needed. I cannot assume that the federal and state governments will continue to support the school districts at today’s levels and can’t assume that our Culver district will continue to grow and not need additional tax dollars to maintain the school.

Ron Copeland


CRR fire department vote

To the Editor,

Kay Norberg has been involved with the CRR Fire Department for 15-plus years — the last four years as a director on the board. She has more knowledge about this department than most people on the Ranch. Her opponent hasn’t attended a board meeting in years, so has no current knowledge of our department.

The same can be said for Dennis Kirk, who is running against Keith Bedell. Keith has been on the board for approximately one year and has been a very responsible board member.

I urge Ranch residents to vote for Norberg and Bedell and allow this department to continue to flourish and move forward.

Barb Oakley

Crooked River Ranch

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