Clean up thanks

To the Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Mike Beeler and the Jefferson County Juvenile Community Justice Crew. During the past fire-free weekend, they so graciously removed 3,800 pounds of limbs and debris from my property. Also, on the weekend prior, they removed 1,400 pounds of limbs and debris from my neighbor’s, Melody Alire.

We could not have accomplished this without their very polite, thoughtful and helpful contributions. This was also done on a very short notice of request.

To help sustain these services, any contract commitments would be very helpful. These services could be of great asset to senior citizens and the physically disabled.

Again, thank you so very much!

Rick Urbach


A friend from England

To the Editor,

Hello, I don’t suppose you remember me, Joyce Gottbreht; I lived in Three Rivers Recreation Area. I see the Pioneer on my PC every week. I must tell you, in the eight years (2005) since I came back to England, it is good to see the progress of Madras. The town seems to have advanced by leaps and bounds. The new layout of the paper’s website takes getting used to, but it has everything covered.

Most of all, following the residents of Madras, and remembering a lot of them, is heartwarming. I hope to keep reading the paper for a few years yet. I am now 76, so I can take my time.

To all who remember me, a good life, health, and most of all happiness.

Joyce Gottbreht

Leeds, West Yorkshire

United Kingdom

Don't be prejudice against gay kids

To the Editor,

Narrow-mindedness saddens me! Gay isn’t contagious, it isn’t going to rub off on your child, it isn’t going to invade your house and it isn’t going to corrupt your children.

Just because an orientation of a child is gay, doesn’t mean that child isn’t loving, smart and a good leader. Isn’t it a good thing that our children have a friend who can be a great friend, be open and honest, make them smile and see the gentle, loving side of life? One that is dependable? It’s hard these days; teens need to be able to rely on a person (friends) and shouldn’t have to worry about someone who doesn’t behave in a consistent and trustworthy way. With so many ’fakes’ in the world, it can be hard to establish a real person.

Why not stand out by being true to yourself and the people around you? As parent(s), shouldn’t we be less concerned about our child’s friends’ orientation and proud that our child has a friend that has an honorable character, the ability to be loyal, and respectful? Good friends show respect for each other by being openly and mutually supportive.

To the parents of teenage girls, a word of opinion: your daughter’s male friend who just may be gay, think about this — this boy is not going to come on to your daughters. He is a natural protector, like nearly all men. He isn’t going to do things to devalue or demoralize your daughters. He may do their hair or give fashion tips, most likely gossip and discuss that cute new boy on the cover of the teen magazine, may even try out this new creative tip design he saw on Pinterest on painting nails. He may just be the best friend a girl can ever have.

So, when your daughter asks if they can go over to their gay friend’s house and hang out, you can rest assured. In a world of so much hatred and bullying, there is that courageous open, real teen child that realized — “It takes genuine courage to just be yourself in a world that has trouble respecting an individual.”

Shawna Dicintio


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