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Letters to the Editor


To the Editor

I have been living at Madras Estates for two years now. I like where I live. I thought I was making a friend here. But I was wrong.

One day she asked me where I work at and I said the Opportunity Foundation. She said, “Oh, no, not there.” Then she said that only “low-lifes” work there.

Just because you have a disability, you are a human being too. I wish that person could see that.

Misty Holman


To the Editor,

Another year of school has ended and I just could not let it go by without sharing my appreciation for the 509-J staff. With a student (or three) in every school, our family has had the opportunity to get to know many staff members, teachers, principals, vice principals, and counselors. I am truly amazed at the dedication shown by these individuals towards the children who will some day be our future.

Regardless, if I simply needed to check my child out, I was greeted with a smile. Even when receiving that ever-dreaded call from the principal’s office asking me to come to the school, there always seems to be a sense of understanding, but more importantly, a handful of people who truly care about our children.

I can honestly say I am proud of our Jefferson County schools. They have come a long way and it is thanks to the determination of so many. To those of you who have helped us throughout the year, thank you!

Holly Booren