All in the family

To the Editor,

While at the aquatic center recently, I spent some time visiting with Dr. Beamer’s father-in-law , who is a federal prosecutor (by trade and on furlough due to the government shutdown), telling him how beloved his son-in-law was in this community and how many lives he had touched in a positive way. I also told him that I thought it a shame for him to have to wind down his career and be publically “called on the carpet” for a “victimless crime” when there was no criminal intent.

A total waste of our tax dollars in my opinion. I can’t even send the county judge a fax without paying for it with my credit card. And the local judge’s staff can’t make long distance calls to conduct business; and then our tax money goes out for public staff wages to prosecute this sort of victimless crime where there was no criminal intent. To top it off all this happened after Dr. Beamer had already been cleared by his peers, the medical board.

What a delightful person I found in Mr. Beamer’s father-in-law. Like father-in-law, like son-in-law.

Sandra Ihrig


Hot air

To the Editor,

Regarding the district attorney’s mea culpa on why he chose to bring charges against Dr Beamer: He is full of hot air and trying to save face.

The Board of Medicine and Board of Nursing, and perhaps other regulatory boards, deal with law violations under administrative law. This issue with Dr. Beamer’s actions was dealt with legally, Mr. Leriche’s letter was just grandstanding and perhaps trying to save his future in the DA’s office. There is no danger the legality of the issue was unattended.

This issue was dealt with under the legal (read administrative law in place) auspices of the Board of Medicine. Such boards deal with narcotic and practice issues all of the time. The district attorney was not only wasting public resources by duplicating the legal processes already in place and/or he is woefully uninformed on licensing boards and their charge under administrative law. He should start looking for another job. I don’t think he will survive the next election.

Nancy Petersen


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