To the Editor,

Historically, the Culver School District has demonstrated itself to be one of the best school districts around by producing well- educated students and demanding excellence from faculty and staff. When problems have arisen and been identified, corrective actions have been taken without excuse and the results have been astounding. I believe that our Culver schools are the best in the area and should be a source of pride in our community.

The need now for major renovations to and replacement of our school buildings has been clearly demonstrated to all who have investigated and seen what their current condition is. And while our maintenance staff has done an excellent job of keeping our buildings repaired and functioning, there is a limit to what they can do versus what needs to be done.

We have another opportunity to vote on a bond measure for the Culver School District. This time, let’s give our faculty, staff, and students the resources necessary to ensure that the excellence of our schools continues. This time, let’s not rely on someone else to cast his or her vote and pass the measure. If you understand the need, see the urgency, and wish to maintain the pride of the community, it is time for you to act. Mark your ballot today and turn in your “yes” vote for our Culver school.

Jason Potampa


Culver: yes

To the Editor,

I’m writing to urge folks in the Culver School District to vote yes on the bond measure to support Culver schools. As a resident of Sisters, I have seen how a school district that gains a reputation for outstanding programs that reach students and inspire them to follow their passions can grow a community as a whole. Outstanding schools have benefits for their community far beyond their students by attracting families from outside the area and creating a higher standard of living for residents. I believe the Culver schools are doing just that.

I joined the Culver schools team this August as their transportation supervisor and bus mechanic. I was invited to join in some of the district’s pre-school year training for the teaching staff and was immediately impressed with how honest and straightforward the staff is. I greatly appreciate the culture of open communication I have experienced in the Culver School District. I truly feel I’m working with a team of people whose hearts are in serving the children and community.

The district is taking on a project/experience-based learning model that I feel meets the needs and values of rural Culver community. This innovative but surprisingly simple interactive project based approach not only prepares children for college but instills motivation to peruse their own passions. I really think Culver schools are doing better than most at providing a program that offers experiences for a variety of children regardless of the path they choose to follow.

Currently this great school district needs a little extra help from the community to complete some overdue repairs to the school buildings. These repairs will allow students and staff to focus on learning and teaching as they should be. Please join your neighbors in investing in your youth, schools and community this fall; vote yes for Culver schools.

Gabe Chladek


ER cutbacks

To the Editor,

Two weeks ago I read a little piece in the Bend Bulletin regarding a change in staffing to the St. Charles Madras hospital emergency room. The Madras hospital has the designation of a critical access hospital from the state. This designation requires certain staffing patterns which include two registered nurses in the ER 24 hours per day.

St. Charles wants to change that staffing pattern after they told us that nothing would change when they took over! Statistics were given that in effect said that the ER wasn’t very busy and only saw 1.1 patients during the hours of 3 a.m. and 9 a.m. so they didn’t need to staff with two RNs during that time frame. I would question the validity of those numbers. Which days of the week were those numbers taken from? Was it just summer visits during the week or did they include weekends, holidays or special events over the course of a week or a long weekend. All it takes is one patient that can change the course of how things are going to flow for the day.

We are still supporting the hospital with our tax dollars and we should be able to expect to have the same kind of nursing coverage that we have had at our local hospital. I seriously doubt that the other St. Charles hospital ERs are going to change their nursing coverage. I would encourage you to let the hospital administration know that you are not in favor of this change in the staffing pattern and give our ER nurses the support that they need to keep the coverage the same.

Shawn Gaddy Winsor


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