Shriner effort

To the Editor,

This year, once again, the Central Oregon Shrine Club will be asking businesses of Jefferson County and Warm Springs to buy raffle tickets or make a donation to benefit the families of patients of the Shriners Hospital in Portland.

For 32 years we have been blessed with your help and yes, some of you ask, "Is it that time of year already?"

We did not ask for money lasdt year because of the slow economy and we had enough money in reserve to to help children and their parents with transportation, food and lodging to go to the hospital in Portland. Many surgeries and procedures are done every year at no charge of families of children under 18.

I missed visiting with you last year and selling the raffle tickets, and look forward to it now, so please, put the Shriners into your budget. You might win $400, or that much worth of meat from Oregon Beef Company, if your ticket is drawn at the county fair on July 26. I wish you good luck!

If you know of anyone who has a child who might benefit from the Shriners Hospital for children, please call me at 541-410-0669.

Larry Easter


Central Oregon Shrine Club

Poor conduct

To the Editor,

I went to the town hall meeting Saturday, Jan. 4. Sen. Merkley was there to answer questions. Rules of conduct were established prior to proceeding. A disruptive, belligerent U.S. Constitution-waving person violated the meeting rules and the atmosphere of the meeting. Because he used so much time, I and others were deprived of the opportunity to ask questions.

Who is responsible for keeping order? Was it Sen. Merkely, County Commissioner Ahern, the Jefferson County sheriff or the people of the meeting, or you and me??I?maintain that it was you and me. We should not allow such disrepect of our rights and the rights of our guest.

Dale Sarkkinen


Good Samaritans

To the Editor,

Bravo to the good samaritans! We are writing to acknowledge those good, good people who help the unfortunate. This is including animals!

We would like to publicly thank Elly E. and her daughter Maya for rescuing our little dog that was hit by a car and left to die by some thoughtless individual. Elly and Maya saw her, picked her up and got her warm and safe. They then took her to East Cascade Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Angela and Dr. Steve took real good care of her at the clinic and tracked us down to let us know where she was. Our little Scallops has fractures in her pelvis and needs 24-hour care for the next six to eight weeks.

If it were not for Elly and Maya, we would have never known what had happened to our baby. Our pets are our children. How would you feel if your child got lost and you never knew if someone hurt or killed that child or if that child is just out there lost, cold or freezing and is dying all alone.

We cannot thank Elly and Maya, and the East Cascade Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Angela and Dr. Steve and their staff, enough for not only saving Scallops’ life, but for giving us peace of mind. So here is three cheers for our wonderful new friends and having her chipped. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And to the individual who hit her and left her to die, we sure hope you have made your momma proud!

Eldon and Karen Sasser


Club's trees

To the Editor

The community once again showed its support for the Culver Mat Club’s annual Christmas tree sale! On behalf of the coaches, wrestlers and their parents, I want to say “thank you.”

With funding so limited in our school districts, projects such as the tree sales are an unavoidable necessity. It was very gratfifying to see the Jefferson County communites turn out in support of the Culver Mat Club.

It was very good seeing so many returning supporters from the Agency Plains, Madras, Grizzly, Ashwood, Culver, Warm Springs and Metolius areas. The people and businesses of our community are constantly being asked to contribute to projects, and sometimes they just have to say no. But when it comes to our youth, they always seem to find a little more.

Good promotion of your product is very important. Thankfully, we had positive word of mouth and the great promotional support of the Madras Pioneer and the Roundup papers. The support given by both, and the public, was invaluable. We sold out this year, over 200 trees!

I sincerely hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and I hope to see you again next year.

Dan McCool


Contract Publishing

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