NeighborImpact thanks

To the Editor,

NeighborImpact, Central Oregon’s community action agency, would like to thank Jefferson County residents who were able to attend and share perspective with our board of directors, which met in Madras on March 10.

The residents attending were Minda Morton, Jefferson County Commission on Children and Families; Cindy Mondoy, Saving Grace; Barbara Ibrahim and Angie Lopez, Jefferson County Public Health; Judy Barker, Faith Based Network; Chris Watson, Warm Springs Community Action; Shannon Matson, Best Care; and Baldemar Lopez, Mosaic Medical. All helped our board understand the demands and challenges facing low-income residents of Jefferson County.

NeighborImpact is excited to be a part of the Madras/Jefferson County community. We now serve clients at our offices located at 116 S.E. D St.

As of the end of December (six months into our fiscal year), NeighborImpact had provided more than 135,000 pounds of food to local food banks, resulting in more than 106,000 meals, resulting in more than 112,000 meals served. We also had paid out nearly $70,000 in energy assistance to local residents, and provided housing services to 198 people. We also provided housing counseling and childcare resource and referral

NeighborImpact is a private nonprofit organization which serves the tri-county area. We are proud to include Madras and Jefferson County in our service territory. We enjoy being a part of the Madras/Jefferson County community, and we look forward to future partnership.

Susan Bailey,

Chair, NeighborImpact Board of Directors

Local businesses

To the Editor,

Hello, readers. I have lived in Madras for close to six years. I have really enjoyed the weather here.

My husband and I were in the restaurant business for a total of 20-plus years. People don't have a lot of choices to eat out in Madras unless you are a fan of Mexican food — which I am. It is my favorite. However, we can't eat it every night.

I recently went into three businesses in town that impressed me. One is the new Crossroads Bar and Grill, the Coop clothing store and the Bargain ‘N’ More consignment store on Fourth Street.

The Crossroads owner has invested loads of money to make a family resturant and a place for all the family to enjoy. They are making a great effort to accommodate our town, so give them a go.

Also, the Coop clothing and gifts really impressed me. They have all sizes, some larger sizes and many gift items, and very reasonable prices.

The Bargain store will take you some time. It was fascinating to me how you can get that many items in one place — something for everyone.

These businesses can't survive without our help, so give them all a look. I know how hard it is to own a business, so please check out the new and old businesses to support our little town.

Mikki Stitch


Nice tributes

To the Editor,

Early in March, there were rumors that two very well-known and popular people had passed away, but no-one seemed to be sure of the services or details.

Then when the March 5 Pioneer issue came to us, all the background and missing bits of life story about Beth Crow and Harold Moore were given to us and the moving tribute to these two loved Madras people, their lives, and their gifts to our community. I was completely satisfied, so many thanks to our local newspaper.

I was also glad to see space for the faces and life stories of several more local people who lived out their lives among us, yet were not so well known.

In fact, there was so much news of all kinds in this issue, news only to be found in small town America, and gathered together by small town newspapers, so again I say, “Thank you, Pioneer staff.”

Margaret Dement


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