Nation (and community) divided: Letters take opposite sides regarding Walden and President Trump

Glad Walden doesn't represent Democrats

I wish to respond to Shawn Gaddy Winsor's letter to the editor, Feb. 22, castigating Greg Walden for not representing Democrats. Republicans don't represent Democrats for one simple reason; it's impossible. For example: Democrats want males in girl's locker rooms. Republicans don't. Democrats force businesses to hire men wearing dresses. Republicans don't. Democrats fine a bakery $135,000 for not serving at a gay wedding. Republicans would never. Democrats in California force Christian institutions to hire atheists. Republicans would not. Democrats force businesses to pay for abortions. Republicans wouldn't. Democrats force people to buy insurance. Republicans don't. Democrats think killing unborn babies is a personal decision. Most Republicans believe every life is precious. Democrats apparently believe in government control and Republicans generally believe in personal freedom and responsibility. Democrats believe in gun control and Republicans believe in self-defense and locking up criminals.

The only actual complaint in that letter is increased ICE activity. Democrats have just ignored the law on immigration. Republicans are going to enforce the law. How bad is that? How can we keep terrorists and criminals out of this country if immigrants are not vetted? How can anyone think we can let just anyone come to this country who can make it across the border without destroying the very qualities that entice people to come here? Furthermore, agriculture would not suffer from enforcing the border. No one is doing away with green cards. One last thought on open borders — would a population of 2 billion people make Democrats happy? Where do we stop?

If Greg Walden tried to serve both Republicans and Democrats, he would not be a congressman after the next election, because you wouldn't vote for him and neither would I.

William Hoff


Maybe we should run government like business

Maybe that old bugger on Capitol Hill could be right … start running this country like it was a business. Printing funny money "to balance our debt hasn't really solved anything at all."

One could draw back on treaties/agreements like NATO and NAFTA and find that there are shelters that allow the big and rich to forever be big and rich.

These off-shore accounts in countries that are immune from international jurisdiction should get ready to take in a lot of extra people. People that prefer profit before citizenship should be deported and banned from our country, so they can camp right alongside their wealth. Even the 10 percent flat tax was right in a lot of ways — equality, but too many high-zoot hands would get slapped.

As a result, 22,000 pages of tax law would just fly out the window and 300,000 government employees would not have jobs, so they would have to pick s--- like the rest of us chickens.

My suggestion — give some of your fortune back to the country that gave you the privilege in the first place. JFK survived on $125,000 annual, of course, almost every other amenity (like jet flights) were provided.

C'mon people, what does it take to live happily even if it is Central Oregon? Which is the best place on the planet!

We could start with graft and miscomption and the fools that followed. These guys are capitalizing on greed — this the country that welcomed misfits, outlaws, undesirables, and aliens, but we are the bad guys.

Don't be fooled. We are the safest country in the world to land, period. Even Switzerland, who has remained neutral, has no claim to neutrality like we have. Why do we pretend to be unique at all when all those other countries seem to never even make the worldwide news?

I feel that we should get out of the arena and begin treating this country as if it was a business!

Jeff Ennis


Trump is a mess as president

I thought when he asked for Flynn's resignation we were watching the start of the cookie crumbling. Then I watched his news conference on Feb. 16, and I watched a man totally unfit to be president of the United States. And telling, once again, so many lies that he is one step closer to impeachment. Oh, I forgot that they weren't lies — they call them alternate facts.

He's out doing campaign rallies rather than staying in the White House working on filling his cabinet and campaign promises. All he can do is go on the road and complain about the media. He watches three TVs, where does he get the time, and says the media is so nasty and hateful. They are only reporting on the feelings of the people. The popular vote did not want him as president and the number is growing. The media has the pulse of America — we hate him as you can tell from all the rallies against him.

He talks about how divided the country, which is more divided now since his election, and more every day as people realize how incompetent he is. He has the lowest approval rating ever and it keeps going down. Let's restore America to greatness and dump Trump.

I agree with the medical professionals' petition to impeach on grounds he is seriously mentally ill and incapable of doing duties of president. There have been other petitions sent to Washington, D.C., wanting Mr. Trump impeached; where do I sign?

Every time he opens his mouth, it proves that we have a functioning idiot for president. It's an embarrassment and it shows worldwide. Why else would there be rallies worldwide against Mr. Trump? He'll prove it once again when he talks before Congress and every time he tweets!

I had thought when he won that he would start acting presidential and stop tweeting like a 13-year-old and stop with his name calling like a kindergartener on the playground, but I was wrong because he'll always be the mean kid on the playground!

Not my president!

Susan Ooten


Thanks, Thriftway

On Saturday, Feb. 18, a few students from Mr. Reese's second-grade class held a hot chocolate and bake sale fundraiser. The fundraiser was to raise money to purchase more active seating stools for their classroom to decrease fidgeting and increase focus.

Thanks to the great generosity of our community, the kids raised over $300 and will be able to purchase six more chairs for their classroom! We were overwhelmed with the kindness our community members showed donating money to the kids. Thank you, Madras! We would also like to thank Erickson's Thriftway store for allowing us to have the bake sale at their wonderful store! We live in a great community.

Parents Jami and Jeff Hurd, Shilo and Greg Tippett, and Joanne and Buddy Wallace

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