Gun rights and health care in focus as readers present positions

Candidate for Chinook Fire district

I, Robert Buckner, will be running for position No. 2 on the Lake Chinook Fire and Rescue District Fire Board. I have served on this board for the last eight years; I have been acting president for the last four years.

As a board and with the supervision of our fire chief, Mr. Colfels, we have improved our fire district by saving many acres of property from fire. Lives have been saved; we have also increased our equipment. This has benefited our community tenfold. Please think of our community as a whole and not listen to a few who try to discredit our district and fire chief, thank you for your support.

Robert Buckner

Three Rivers

For good or for evil

"A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Twenty-seven words, written for the purpose of keeping an oppressive government in check, and the personal protection of one's self, and a free country!

Throughout history, many influential leaders have found disarmament to be the correct and effective means to their end: Hitler, Mussolini, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot. The result of their oppression is self-evident.

Evil will always attempt to triumph, but for a few good men. Remember that it is not what is in the hand — a club, a sword, a firearm — but in the hand that holds it, for good or for evil.

Steve Rask


Diversity is our strength

A response to Mr. Hoff:

The Constitution and checks and balances are not magical guardians. Documents don't save democracy — people do. American democratic institutions are only as strong as those who fight for them in times of duress and this is one of those times and this is just the beginning, and sadly, a divided one that is not a representation of "United States of America."

To win it, Democrats and Republicans must set aside policy divides and "unite" in the defense of democracy.

Your transphobic, homophobic, sexist, racial commentary is noted, as it is sad that you are pushing a hatred, a divide, rather than a unity, and an incorrect notion based on a biased, nonfactual discrimination of people — people who are just as valuable and worthy of life, liberty and protection. It is this diversity that makes "America great"!

Inclusion, safety and togetherness for progression of life for all of humanity is a must. Hatred is not born, it is made.

The beauty of Jefferson County is our diversity! We all belong!

Shawna Dicintio


Walden unresponsive; Crary listens

I have tried for months to get ahold of U.S. Rep. Greg Walden. I wrote him a letter early December about my concerns regarding health care law changes. Not knowing which was best, I sent it snail mail and via email.

No response. Except I was put on his email list. So I know he received my letter voicing my concerns. I tried postcards. Then I started calling. Nothing.

In fact, often when you call his offices, Bend and D.C., the mailboxes are full and you can't even leave a message. And don't expect to get a person, because you won't.

Then Rep. Greg Walden was quoted in the Bulletin as saying his constituents don't want the Affordable Care Act. I know he got my letter, so how could he say that he hasn't heard from people wanting it! Then someone mentioned Jim Crary, who ran against Walden in 2016.

Jim Crary returned my email quickly and told me to give him a call. He answered the phone and said he is indeed running again for representative of the 2nd District. (That is us.) Then he listened. And he asked questions.

I asked him to come to Jefferson County to hear our concerns about important issues and get to know us. He said of course. He will be here on March 23, at the Library Annex, 4-5:30 p.m., for a town hall to hear our questions and concerns about health care.

If you, too, have questions about health care you would like to ask Jim Crary, please join us.

Kim Schmith


Not fair to demand utility bury

Fellow Madras residents, have you ever wondered why businesses don't want to build or relocate in Madras? Besides having some of the highest SDF (system development fees), the city of Madras passed a law that any existing utilities that are overhead need to be buried.

Take the new Grocery Outlet store next to Bi-Mart. There are no utilities serving the new store from the frontage of Highway 97 and 26. Every utility that serves the store comes from the back; this includes Pacific Power and Light, Cascade Natural Gas, Century Link, Crestview Cable and Deschutes Valley Water.

The city of Madras is making Grocery Outlet bury all the utilities along the frontage area from Motel 6 to Burger King, and existing shrubs, irrigation, sidewalks will all be torn up so the utilities can be buried.

It will cost around $100,000 to dig, not counting the costs to the utility companies to relocate to underground. How many people change their mind and move here because of power poles. Every town has them. I do work as an underground contractor and some underground is fine, but not this big waste of money.

There is also two overhead electric lines to serve the property west of the highway. These lines will have to go underground, because of pole removal and you will add another $50,000.

Welcome Grocery Outlet.

Don Rowan


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