Buff Intermediate leadership students thank the community for its donations for the class.Students in the fifth grade leadership class at Buff Intermediate have taken on a lot of projects, including designing a new school mascot and organizing a spirit week.

The school hasn’t had a leadership class for two years, but last fall teachers Tina Wagenblast and Jill Briskey revived the group.

At Buff, which has third- through fifth-grades, the fifth-graders applied to be in the class. Teachers selected the students, chose the officers, and the students voted for the classroom representatives. The group has a total of 20 students.

The leadership officers include: Gabe Sansom, president; Brianna Carvajal, vice president; Talliah Hanchor, secretary; Emily Plant, sergeant at arms.

Grant Genz, a classroom representative, was glad to be chosen from among the many applicants. “When I was in the third grade, there was a class council, but I didn’t want to do it. This year I decided I wanted to be a part of it,” he said.

Brianna Carvajal said of the group, “We make things happen. We raise money, make posters and help students and occasionally teachers.”

When the school decided it was time for a new mascot, the leadership group held an election and helped count votes. After the “Buff Bears” was selected, leadership students designed the mascot, along with T-shirts with a picture on the front and school mission statement on the back.

In the group, classroom representative Kendrah Hastings said she “helped start a student store, and make posters for a music assembly.”

Emily Plant said the purpose of the groups is “to help encourage students to do stuff, and come up with ideas like spirit week. Since we are students, we know what kids like and with our ideas, kids can have more fun.”

Talliah Hanchor told how they help other students. “I get to actually help other kids. Like we will be giving tours to second-graders who will be coming into this school,” she said.

“Occasionally, we go into third grade classes to help with reading groups. We give up a lot of recess time to help and for meetings and making posters,” Genz said.

“But we don’t really mind, because we’re helping,” added Hanchor.

For an end of the year celebration of all their work, the leadership class recently went on a field trip to visit the Portland Zoo and go ice skating.

“We really want to thank the community for helping fund the trip and helping with our other fundraisers,” Briskey said.

The classroom representatives are: Franklin Pineda, Grant Gentz, Jourdan Flu, Makeana Grant, Kelsey Olivera, Dani Macias, Raelee Simmons, Teague Scheirling, Trey Easterling, Liam White, Marbella Santellano, Malayla Silva, Korie Johnson, Kendrah Hastings, Darcy DeChamplain, and Misael Rubio.

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