Winter walkers should wear light clothing


With the shorter days this time or year, motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians need to be extra alert to see each other in low-light situations.

Improving visibility means improving safety. That’s why the Jefferson County Safe Routes to School Program is urging everyone, and especially pedestrians, to “see and be seen” this winter.

Wearing light colors or reflective clothing is one of the simplest things pedestrians can do to keep themselves safe. Here are easy tips that everyone can follow:

1. Wear clothing and accessories with reflective material. It's common to find reflective material on outerwear and accessories such as coats, jackets, scarves, caps, gloves hats and umbrellas. Looks for these items with a high amount of brightness and reflective material. 2. Add a reflective vest over your regular coat or jacket. It's easy to throw a reflective vest or sash over your clothing. You can find these items at construction, outdoor, sports and bike stores. 3. Slap a reflective band on your arm, leg or ankle. Using reflective slap bands is a really easy way to add reflection to your body. These show 360-degree movement, which can be seen from all angles and is more likely to attract the attention from drivers. Some bands include lights, which is even better. 4. Add reflectors and lights. Add flexible reflectors with Velcro to purses, helmets, laptop cases, shoes, zipper pulls and backpacks. Lights come in all sizes — there are ones specific to bikes and wheelchairs, and smaller ones for strollers, backpacks and purses. The possibilities are endless.

5. Use your smart phone as a beacon of light when out at dusk. Did your walk take longer than planned? Are you wearing dark clothing? No problem! Use your smart phone as beacon of light to stay visible to drivers.