The Coop Boutique co-owner Nanette Woolworth was caught off guard Saturday afternoon, when customers began pouring in the door of her downtown business.

“It was great; a complete surprise. I was sitting here and pretty soon it started getting really busy about 2 p.m.,” Woolworth said.

It was the scene of Madras’ first Cash Mob event, organized by Troy Boyd, owner of Great Earth Natural Foods and Deli. The name of the business to be “hit” by surprise shoppers was kept as secret as one can in a small town, and those interested were told to contact Boyd for details.

“About 15 people responded to me by email. Some never responded, but went anyway,” Boyd said of the shoppers she saw while at the shop.

Luckily, the Coop had just gotten in a shipment of merchandise, so there was something for customers to buy. “It was a constant flow; I never left the counter,” Woolworth said, estimating there were over 30 people in the boutique at one time. “It’s the best day the shop’s ever done, even better than Christmas Eve,” she added.

She said some of the people had never been in the boutique before, which was nice. “There was one little gal about 80, who was super cute and excited about the shop, that just made my day,” Woolworth said. “It was very fun, amazing and touching. I almost teared up,” she confessed.

Boyd plans to organize a Cash Mob event four times a year to bring some excitement and support to the downtown area.

“I’m excited to pay it forward in any way I can,” Woolworth said.

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