Co-owners share their vision of new restaurant/tavern via crowd funding site

Kyle Lattimer, best-known locally for his popular Uprooted food cart in downtown Newberg, and Portland chef Paul Losch are making strides in their efforts to open the city’s newest restaurant and pub at 720 E. First St. They are now looking for a little help from local fans via the crowdfunding site Kick­starter.

The com­bin­ation bis­tro and bar has been dubbed “Rud­dick/ Wood” after four of the city’s earliest settlers, Wil­liam and Sarah Rud­dick and David and Maggie Wood, who were the first to plat a town called “Newberg” in 1881. The enterprising Quaker couples even envisioned a thriving business district on the very spot where downtown Newberg lies GARY ALLEN - Many tenants over the years - The most recent occupant of 720 E. First St., where Ruddick/Wood is expected to open in the fall, was a Jiu-Jitsu and training business and the historic site was originally an auto garage.

The most recent occupant of 720 E. First St. was Im­pact Bra­zilian Jiu-Jitsu and Per­formance Training, and the historic site was originally an auto garage, so not surprisingly, it has needed quite a makeover to house a dining establishment. According to videos and other information on the Ruddick/Wood Kickstarter page, Lattimer and Losch have been doing a lot of the construction themselves, and describe themselves as “working owners” in promotional materials.

The work on the restaurant, which is expected to open later this year, has included removing and refinishing the ceilings of both the restaurant and the tavern (the two spaces will be connected internally but will also have separate external entrances), pouring and grinding concrete floors, constructing framing and support and building a new bar.

“We have spent countless hours working together and with friends, contractors and designers to do everything from brand development and designing the space, to demolition and construction of the building,” the pair’s page says. “We have committed our life savings and months of effort to this project. … This is a true labor of love, and after eight months of pushing through numerous delays and challenges we are seeking help from you to complete our goal.”

Still left are paint and paneling, refinishing and tiling floors and finish carpentry. The Kickstarter project, however, is not aimed at the construction costs but rather the “finishing touches”: glassware and china, seats and bar stools, small equipment, light fixtures, a fireplace and starting inventory from farmers, wineries and local distributors.

“Ruddick/Wood has been built around the idea of country kitchens, roadhouses, saloons and way-points; and reflects our love for local food and drink, as well as our desire to create a place that will become part of the community fabric,” the page says in describing the pair’s vision.

The “front half” of the building will be the restaurant, structured around an open kitchen with a small chef’s counter and accented with wood, a pellet stove and natural light. The restaurant will serve lunch and dinner, as well as brunch on the weekends.

The rear, known as “R/W Tavern,” will be “the slightly less refined sibling to the restaurant, built around a copper bar and high-table constructed from timbers” Lattimer and Losch “found” during the renovation process. It will serve craft cocktails and a rotating offering of beers and wines alongside a tavern food menu.

Ruddick/Wood’s Kickstarter goal of $22,000 must be met by the deadline, Sept. 9, or it will lose all of its current pledges. In exchange for “backing” the project, supporters will receive a range of rewards based on the amount of their pledges, from a “thank you” on the restaurant’s website ($5) to a private multi-course dinner party for “you and 49 friends” ($5,000 or more).

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