County government — Rates and property assessments increased slightly, tax payments due Nov. 15

Property tax statements for the 2013-2014 year were mailed out Oct. 24. Although the total tax increased .0498 cents per $1,000 in Newberg and .0528 per $1,000 in Dundee, the assessed value increases were more than $16.70 million and more than $9.37 million respectively.

Jeff Ivie, Yamhill County deputy assessor, said although these are large numbers, the total assessed value of Newberg only increased 1 percent, and Dundee 4 percent.

“There are lots of factors that can play into that,” Ivie said.

He said the city is allowed to increase the assessed value of property by up to 3 percent annually, but value increases can also come from new construction and remodeled buildings.

“But the numbers are not broken down between new construction, remodel and the assessed increase,” Ivie said.

Total property tax rates amount to $16.67 per $1,000 for Newberg and $14.33 per $1,000 for Dundee. With the average home in Newberg valued at $196,000, property taxes owed would be about $3,200. Those amounts would be $220,000 and $3,100 for Dundee.

For Newberg, property taxes are paid to eight entities: Yamhill County, Yamhill County Extension Services, Newberg School District, Willamette Regional Education Service District, city of Newberg, Chehalem Park and Recreation District and Portland Community College. Dundee property owners pay taxes to the same entities, with the city of Dundee replacing Newberg.

Taxes can be paid in one lump sum or three equal installments. The first payment, or the full amount, is due Nov. 15. Paying the full amount earns a 3 percent discount; two-thirds paid earns a 2 percent discount.

“However, the tax collector, by law, must credit your property tax payments to the earliest year for which taxes are due on your property. To get a discount on your current year’s tax bill, all delinquent taxes, penalty and interest must first be fully paid,” according to the assessor website.

Second and third payments are due Feb. 15 and May 15, respectively.

Payments can be made in person, by mail, by telephone or online. Visit for more information.

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