After facing delays, Newberg Bakery on track for mid-January opening

With a main support beam installed, Newberg Bakery is on its way to opening in mid-January.

For nearly the past two months Bruce Bishop and Brenda Burg have spent every day completely remodeling what used to be Allure Hair Design at 621 E. First St. Bishop said it started with gutting the salon, tearing down four rooms and a studio apartment to rebuild from the ground up. by: GARY ALLEN - Opening planned -- Bruce Bishop, co-owner of Newberg Bakery, has spent every day -- alongside  co-owner Brenda Burg -- remodeling the space at 621 E. First St.

“Very soon we will be doing the sheetrock, which closes everything off, and finishing the floors,” Bishop said. “We had to do firewalls, then we could put in the ceiling. The big thing we were waiting on was this beam from Myrtle Creek Saw Mill.”

He said they are focusing on the finishing touches to the electrical wiring, in preparation for the first city inspection. Once the electrical work is approved, the sheetrock can go up and everything else should progress fairly quickly.

When customers walk in they will be greeted by a barn wall to their left, a brick covered bathroom to their right and a large counter in front, separating the dining area from the kitchen with a new four-level oven for breads that currently sits up against a wall wrapped in plastic and sawdust.

“The front third will be basically the bakery,” he said.

Currently exposed but soon to be hidden, is the hallway leading to three apartments —whose tenants Bishop said they’ve spent a lot of time apologizing to.

“We own the whole building so we are now landlords for the three renters,” he said. “We’ve given them some free scones and gift cards to Chapters, (basically) doing what we can to be apologetic. When we open we’ll wine them and dine them with free pastries and make them forget about the hassle.”

Also to be wined and dined are the business’ Kickstarter supporters.

“We want to do that first so they get the first stab and get to see we’re very grateful for what they contributed,” he said.

A grand opening will follow shortly thereafter, after a second party for those who have helped Bishop and Burg along the way.

“We’ve got a lot of volunteers, probably 30 volunteers that have come and done sheetrock, framing, demolition, cleanup — a lot of people helped out so it’s been great,” Bishop said.

He said he has especially appreciated the help from family and friends who know more than he does about construction.

“I’ve just done service projects with my church and did some work with my dad on our home, but we’ve had people telling us what to do,” he said. “We’ve got our general contractor and my nephew is a framer. He’s helping us kind of saying, ‘Cut this, put it here.’”by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - It takes a community -- The Newberg Bakery is aiming to open in mid-January, co-owner Bruce Bishop said, as volunteers have helped with construction, including the recent installation of a main support beam.

All the while, the bakers have continued to cater special events. Bishop said they’ve got a large wedding on the books for Dec. 28.

“So we’ll do some baking for that,” he said.

With the first hurdle passed with delivery and installation of the large wooden support beam, and a second beam delivered over the weekend, Newberg Bakery is well on its way to opening by its new goal date, pushed back a few times due to delays.

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