New business — Food delivery service, Newberg Grub 2 Go, makes any fare deliverable

It started out of necessity. Travis Reinhardt had been unemployed for a while and was looking for a way to start making money. Officially open for businesses Dec. 6, he started Newberg Grub 2 Go, a food delivery service.

“This is a solution and an opportunity, so I thought I’d try it out,” Reinhardt said. “I did my research and found out Newberg doesn’t have any businesses like this so I figured I would jump on it and here I am.”by: GARY ALLEN - On the go -- Travis Reinhardt, owner of Newberg Grub 2 Go, is      currently the only business' employee. With his car as his office, Reinhardt runs a food delivery service.

The model is fairly simple. Customers want food, but either the restaurant doesn’t deliver, or they don’t want or can’t travel for the food. That’s where Grub 2 Go comes in.

“It’s a different process than most dine and dish companies where you would order through them. I kind of eliminated that, to help streamline things for me right now because I’m a one man team,” he said.

So, customers can visit his website, www.NewbergGrub2, view menus for participating restaurants, then call the establishment and place an order. With the price of the order totalled, they call Reinhardt and tell him the information.

“I pick it up, pay for it, deliver it and then I accept the payment from the customer and that’s how it works,” he said. “It’s pretty simple, I think.”

It’s the business model for now, but he said with growth it will change.

“Once the website is able to take orders that will be a lot more efficient for me in the future,” he said. “Once I start to get more business and hire people I’d like to make the website able to order everything through it.”

In the few weeks since opening, he said business has been slow.

“The only orders I’ve really gotten so far are from friends. I’ve gotten a few calls from people interested, hopefully future clients,” he said. “Hopefully that changes with my flyer canvassing, business cards, and ads and all that.”

He said he opened using a grassroots style, mainly through social networking and word of mouth.

“I don’t want to overwhelm myself with 100 orders at once,” he said. “In the future I’m looking to expand hours to late night, alcohol delivery as well, unfortunately I can’t do tobacco.”

He also wants to add a grocery service to the business.

“(I can) hopefully spread out that service option to a lot of the elderly community in town,” he said. “I know my grandma can’t go out and get (groceries) because she’s in a wheelchair. This way they could just call and still get the things they want from the store.”

Reinhardt said he wants to take over the town, especially because there isn’t any competition in his niche industry.

“Eventually I’d like to (expand) to McMinnville and Sherwood because there are not any existing companies out there,” he said. “It’s kind of wishful thinking, but you’ve got to be optimistic.”

As for the businesses involved, he said he’s received some good feedback.

“I had Dorothy’s (Deli and Pub) in town reached out to me, I didn’t have them included on the website because I didn’t know much about their menu,” he said. “They were really excited about it. Also at Cancun, he was really excited about it. It’s just like what Dorothy’s said, they get people asking (about delivery) but don’t have that option. I’m sure if any other businesses are intelligent in that business sense they’d be excited about it.”

For more information, visit, grub2go or call 1-971-832-9820. Services are currently available Monday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (lunch) and 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. (dinner).

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