Incorrect shelves push full opening of the new facility back to February, but the mess-up comes with a silver lining

The grand opening of the Newberg Public Library children’s room has been delayed by three months. While Leah Griffith, library director, said she would rather be on schedule, a recent issue with shelving has a silver lining.

“(The manufacturer) sent us the wrong-sized shelving, the flat surface was the wrong depth,” Griffith said, adding that shelves are a main component of any room in the GARY ALLEN - Awaiting delivery -- Parts of the new children's library are up and running, but the area is still awaiting the delivery of replacement shelves after a sizing mix-up in November.

The delivery was Nov. 7, two days before the intended opening. Now more than a month later, the replacement shelves are still being built.

“When ordered, the company orders the sheet metal, builds, powder coats and paints (the shelves),” she said. “They are being shipped Jan. 13.”

Although visitors to the library will see some shelves in place for the children’s library, Griffith said the shelves used for picture books and the fiction section were sent as ordered, so part of the room will be open. But there are also a set of frames bunched in a corner awaiting their new shelves, which will house non-fiction books.

Final delivery of the shelves, among other orders for furniture and assorted items, will make for a busy January at the library.

“January will be hectic,” Griffith said.

But, despite the three-month delay, some good came from the mistake.

“We actually ended up with quite a bit of shelving to use (at) the library over next few years as we change and move around,” Griffith said. “Some expensive things like drawers for CDs and such, they are usually $500 to $600 a piece that I was reluctant to buy, but now we get 14 of them for free.”

She said sometimes things just work out, but is adamant that the rescheduled opening will occur as planned.

“We will definitely have a big event Feb. 8,” she said, adding that she is in the planning stages of a week of events surrounding the unveiling.

For now, the extra time has given her time to get the room settled and ensure everything is perfect. “We’re just being flexible people here,” she said.

More information about the unveiling will be available on the library’s site,

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