Agriculture — USDA survey report from farmers will be released on March 31

The March Agricultural Survey, conducted every year by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), will be released March 31. NASS surveys 82,000 of the nation’s farmers for the upcoming growing season according to a press release. The results from the survey’s findings will be published by the “Prospective Plantings” and “Grain Stocks” report.

“The Prospective Plantings report is one of the most important survey reports conducted each year for the agricultural industry,” said Christopher Mertz, NASS’s Northwest regional director. “It provides factual data that underpins the projections.”

The survey began late February and asked farmers what types of crops they plan to plant in 2014, how many acres they will plant and how much grain and oilseed they will store on their farms.

Farmers were asked to respond to the survey by Internet or by mail.

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