New business — Second Babica Hen opens in Dundee, specializes in local ingredients

The restaurant business isn’t new for Joe Buck, but in the past few months, he and his wife Cora have opened two new cafés.

“Gubanc’s Pub has been opened for 27 years now, my grandparents opened that in 1976,” Joe Buck said. “I grew up working at Gubanc’s and into adulthood. Last year, in December, we opened Babica Hen in the building next door.”

While Gubanc’s is more of a dinner restaurant, Babica Hen specializes in breakfast and lunch. The new Babica Hen, in Dundee, is a hybrid of the two Lake Oswego locations.

“Our Babica Hen in Dundee is situated within the Inn at Red Hills, so we’re doing kind of a Babica Hen but also serving dinner, so it’s a little bit of both,” he said.

The Dundee location will allow the vision Buck has for the restaurant to GARY ALLEN - New restaurant - The second Babica Hen location opened Sunday in Dundee. Owner Joe Buck, seen here standing in the restaurant's glass-walled wine cellar, said he's looking forward to being a part of the community.

“Our philosophy has always been to use the best ingredients we can find. We use everything fresh and local as much as the season will allow,” he said. “We give folks a good value for their money and we want people to leave filled up and feeling good with the food and service as well. We’re especially excited to be in this space in Dundee because we have alongside the restaurant a two-acre garden we will maintain.”

He said the garden will only add to their ability to use fresh ingredients.

“I think that will work fairly well,” he said.

Although the location seems a perfect fit, Buck said they weren’t looking to open a second location.

“We’ve been blessed to have a very strong team of people and good managers. That’s enabled us to have this other project,” he said. “It’s a gorgeous space.”

The space, which formerly held Paulee, just needs a bit of redecorating, he said, before it was ready to open this month.

“We’re kind of redecorating it in the Babica Hen style,” Buck said. “As it is the space works well, it has a lot of elements that are similar to the (other) location, so it almost looks like the Babica Hen without having to do too much otherwise.”

Opening the restaurant means the Bucks will now operate the Inn at Red Hills as well.

“The restaurant is like the inn, the restaurant provides room service to guests staying at the Inn (and) any catering for anything that goes on; The two are really tied together,” he said.

Buck added that they’ve been providing excellent hospitality for decades now, so running the inn shouldn’t be too difficult.

“We’re looking forward to bringing that hospitality expertise to the area,” he said.

As for the future, Buck said he doesn’t have any plans to expand further at this point.

“But we’re certainly excited to be out in Dundee and in Yamhill County,” he said. “Everyone out in the area has just been so welcoming, the other businesses, other restaurants, wineries and folks in the community. We’ve just been overwhelmed with the amount of support we’ve been receiving.”

Babica Hen opened Sunday. For more information, visit

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