Service — George Fox University students create R R.A.C.E. as senior capstone project

A team of George Fox University students has struck upon a way to help the community while satisfying a requirement to graduate.

“At George Fox (University), we’re all seniors in the business program and they have the business capstone project,” said Kelly James, one of five seniors on the team. “Our event is R R.A.C.E., which stands for Raffles, Runs and Caring Endeavors.”

The event is a charity fun run to benefit Love INC (In the Name of Christ).

“All of our members, we have the same goals, our mission statement is we like to help people, to support our community,” said Silu Long, another team member. “So this event is our goal to do that.”

The race takes place April 5 and includes 15 businesses in Newberg. Participants walk or run to the locations, gathering as many raffle tickets as they can before returning and submitting their tickets.

“We give them a little over an hour to hit as many (locations) as they can (and collect raffle tickets),” James said. “We’re gearing the event toward families so if they decide to walk and not run they are still able to collect tickets and hit a good number of locations. In the time between when they come back and when we do the raffle there will be a community fair.”

The fair will include food vendors and local community organizations, “although that’s the piece that’s still getting really developed,” James said.

She said the idea for a raffle race came from the First Thursday Urban Adventure Run in Portland.

“It’s loosely based on how that one works,” she said. “Ours is a little more structured in that each ticket location has a specific ticket amount they’re getting and (it’s) more confined to just Newberg.”

The group’s goal is 200 participants, which would raise about $5,000 for Love INC, although Jaquith Park, where the center point of the event takes place, can hold 400 people.

“If we happen to get 400 then that’s going to be crazy and awesome, but that’s going to be the max,” James said.

As for the future, she said that’s really not up to them.

“Last year a business capstone project did Run for Love. It was fairly popular, about 300 people came to their event,” she said. “That was another reason we came into it this year because that event did well. The most we can do is say to the dean of business that this has been successful for two years, this could be something if a group has been struggling (to find a project), or if they’ve hit a point they need to switch their project, if that happens in a year where there is no race planned, that could be something. I hope it (will continue), but that’s the most we can do about it.”

With R R.A.C.E. in the final planning stages, James said everything is going smoothly.

“It’s just really great to see such a community that’s involved and cares about each other,” she said. “We all feel really happy about what we’re doing.”

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