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Marijuana dispensary eyes Dundee spot


With business license in hand, Human Collective IV seeking OHA approval for Dundee shop

Human Collective IV, a medical marijuana dispensary, is finalizing its application with the Oregon Health Authority to open a location in Dundee.

Sarah Bennett, director of Human Collective II in southwest Portland, said they are finalizing some details before submitting the application. They have already been approved for a business license with the city.by: GARY ALLEN - Pot shop - What was a convenience store might soon be a medical marijuana dispensary in Dundee. The Human Collective is seeking approval from the Oregon Health Authority to open its fourth location.

“Once approved then you move forward with the build-out,” Bennett said. This would involve setting up various systems, including security, at the 1178 Highway 99W location.

But before applying with the OHA, Bennett introduced herself and the organization to the Dundee City Council at its March 5 meeting.

“She just spoke during public comment period, introduced herself and that she was applying for business license opening a medical marijuana dispensary in what used to be a convenience store,” said Dundee Mayor Ted Crawford. “The council was not really concerned with having a medical marijuana dispensary.”

Crawford said the issue isn’t one that anyone has brought up, as far as a moratorium banning dispensaries from opening within city limits. He said he doesn’t agree with a moratorium and is actually moving forward with the process of sending a councilor to a League of Oregon Cities workshop May 1 exploring medical marijuana issues.

“They will have a bunch of other representatives from Colorado, California and Washington to discuss how the legalization works,” he said. “California probably has the closest relationship to what we’re doing.”

Bennett said that’s one of the reasons they chose Dundee for a fourth location is that the city doesn’t oppose dispensaries.

“Highway 99W is a major thoroughfare, a lot of people utilize Highway 99, but one of the biggest hurdles is trying to find a landlord that’s willing to lease to you. The other step is finding a city that’s willing to allow (dispensaries),” she said. “Having gone to the city council, it was kind of lucky.”

With those two pieces in place, Bennett said the hardest part will be getting approval from the OHA, which is a lengthy process.

“You’re issued a provisional registration, so you submit plans for what you plan to do. If approved with provisional, you compete internal work and putting systems in place then have to submit some additional documentation to gain your operational registration,” she said.

The process costs $4,000 to apply and an unknown length of time. But Bennett said with this location, the stars really aligned. And Crawford only has one concern.

“The only concern I have is if legalization goes on the November ballot and does pass, they might turn medical marijuana dispensaries into full-fledged marijuana shops, which changes the mix of people who come into the shop,” he said. “That’s why I’m glad we’re having a member going to the workshop.”

To learn more about the Human Collective, visit www.humancollective.org.