Play and Learn will open May 1, open house set for Saturday

Owning a daycare wasn’t something Lori Goodwin envisioned herself doing. As a mother of three teenage girls and with a career in real estate, it’s not a field she knew a lot about. But after a few months of consideration — and the desire to find a way to give back to the community — it’s where she finds herself now.

“We’re good at business in my family … we’ve been here forever, pretty much for 70 years, we’ve been here doing business, raising families, it’s just home for us,” Goodwin said. “We were looking for a good community-based business and we bought this building two years ago. We didn’t want to lease it, but didn’t know what we wanted to do with it. Walking through it nine months ago and I thought, ‘You know somebody should open a daycare,’ and (my husband) goes, ‘Yeah, you should.’”by: GARY ALLEN - New business - New daycare owner Lori Goodwin is putting the finishing touches on her center, ‘Play and Learn Daycare.' She hopes to utilize creative curriculum with the children, getting them ready for kindergarten.

After a little persuading, she agreed and spent the past six months renovating the space at 141 N. Elliot Road to create Play and Learn Daycare.

“This kind of center is just a special little niche. We don’t have lot of choices (in Newberg),” she said. “I was fortunate to keep my babies home with me, so when I started looking, researching, really you have in-home daycare, which is a good fit for a lot of people, then have the larger centers, but not really anything in between.”

Play and Learn can take care of 6-week-old infants up to school age (5 or 6).

“We could actually have up to 45 kids, but 28 is kind of where we were comfortable,” Goodwin said.

The center has three separate spaces, divided by age, an outdoor play area and a classroom, among other rooms still awaiting finishing touches.

“We are a day care, not a preschool, but we’re following the same curriculum as the schools (creative curriculum), so our kids don’t have to leave to go to school — they’ll be kindergarten ready,” she said. “I learned so much, I thought if I had all this knowledge when I was raising my kids, they’d be so smart.”

Each room is furnished and ready for the open house April 19, but there’s one aspect Goodwin said she isn’t sure about.

“We don’t have computers yet, and I don’t know how I feel about that, because everybody has handhelds, even the babies,” she said. “I thought parents work all day, at 5 p.m. they probably have to get home, make dinner, (the kids are) probably set down and handed stuff like that. So we’re going to try and avoid it here.”

The open house will take place from noon to 4 p.m., with the official opening date May 1. For more information, visit her website at www.playandlearnnewberg. com.

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