Dundee news — Inability to pay for empty space on Highway 99W forces dispensary hopefuls to stop its fight with Dundee government

After losing the battle with the Dundee City Council April 24 with the passage of a moratorium banning medical marijuana facilities, the Human Collective is now pulling back their efforts.

“The landlord can no longer continue to live in a state of limbo and we can’t afford to pay for a place no longer open,” said Don Morse, managing partner with Human Collective, a dispensary that was slated to open in Dundee. “It would not be worth it at this point to continue to fight them, however we’re taking the fight to another level statewide as far as we’re helping people with initiatives.”

Morse said the organization may also consider pushing for an initiative in Dundee.

“We’d ask the people of Dundee to overturn the council’s decision and allow dispensaries,” he said. “That may happen in the next 20 days or so. I’m more sure than I’m not, but I can’t guarantee it. There’s probably 70 percent certainty.”

Although disappointed in the result, this isn’t the only location Human Collective attempted to open only to but shut down by a moratorium. At one point, there were four locations in the works, but Morse said because of legislation, only one location remains at 9220 S.W. Barbur Blvd. in Portland.

“At the end of the day the landlord needs money to pay his bills, he needs to find a tenant that can run a business (in Dundee),” he said. “Contrary to what people think just because we’re in marijuana we don’t have the money to pay the rent and leave the place empty for months and months until it gets resolved.”

But he said he still believes in the end, they will be successful.

“The right of patients to have safe access to medical marijuana will prevail and when that day arrives in Dundee I do certainly hope that they will have a business come to town that was as highly regarded as Human Collective,” Morse said.

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