Wine news — Purchasing Bryan Creek secures vineyard for winery's future use

In 1989, David and Jenny Adelsheim planted 20 acres of vineyard at Bryan Creek, but the land was leased from their neighbors Jess and Joy Howell. After Jess Howell died three years ago, his family decided to put the 59-acre property up for sale. Catherine Douglas, marketing manager, said they are pleased to have purchased the space and continue utilizing the SUBMITTED - New purchase - The Bryan Creek vineyards were already used by Adelsheim, but the recent purchase ensures the winery's ability to continue using the space.

“We’re really pleased to have secured this site,” Douglas said. “It was listed on the market so anything could have happened. Really the main point being there are so many investors coming (to the Willamette Valley) and purchasing vineyards, and this property was a particularly premium spot, it’s a really important source of grapes for us.”

Winemaker David Paige said the wines produced from the Bryan Creek site are distinct due to the volcanic soils which provide moisture throughout the growing season.

“This is an incredibly important acquisition for us,” Paige said.

Douglas said with the acquisition, Adelsheim can expand their use of the space, with the 39 additional acres.

“This will allow us to upgrade the current plantings and add as much as an additional 15 acres of new vineyards,” David Adels­heim said. “In this period of major vineyard acquisition by some very large wineries, it is a very important step for us to have the security of owning one of our best estate sites.”

Douglas said they aren’t sure yet what will be done with the additional space, aside from the expanded vineyard.

The Bryan Creek Vineyard is one of 10 estate sites, with a total of 223 acres used by Adelsheim. She said some are owned by the vineyard and others are similar long-term leases.

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