Originally, the plan was to replace one troublesome tree outside of City Hall and the sidewalk that was disrupted by said tree. But with another tree hit by a truck and a third leaning heavily, City Engineer Jay Harris said the city decided to replace everything.

“We wanted to replace the sidewalk because the joints sticking up were a tripping hazard,” Harris said. With three trees surrounding City Hall on the chopping block, the fourth’s fate was uncertain. “It didn’t look too bad, it was a little smaller. But we’re going to put the same variety around City Hall. We just decided to give all the trees a new start and the same species.”

While the four trees are replaced, the sidewalk will also see repairs.

“At the same time we are putting in root barriers to direct the roots downward so they don’t push up the sidewalk (again),” he said. “We’re also changing where the bike rack (will be).”

There will also be some general clean-up of the area and some brick pavers — ripped out by a snow plow earlier in the year — will be repaired.

The new trees will be Columnar Sargent Cherry trees and Harris said work should be completed by next week.

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