More than 60,000 feet of offices, surgery rooms to be added to prepare the facility for the future

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Plans for the expansion of Providence Newberg Medical Center call for the addition of 60,000- to 80,000-square-feet of space in a project estimated to cost more than $46.7 million.
Plans are underway to break ground on an expansion of Providence Newberg Medical Center's campus.

Architects are in the process of finalizing the new plans and preparations are in motion to submit permits to the city of Newberg in January. Plans will reconfigure portions of the existing medical center and construct a new standalone building on an adjacent property on Providence Drive.

Excavation should begin next summer to make way for construction of the estimated $46.7 million project, which will expand the medical center by 60,000 to 80,000 square feet. PNMC opened 11 years ago and grown steadily, generating the need for expansion, officials said.

"We have seen continued growth in every area of the hospital since then and this expansion will help us care for more patients and add services for those we serve," said Lori Bergen, PNMC chief executive. "Yamhill County and the surrounding areas are expressing unprecedented growth, which results in a much higher demand for our services."

The medical center has seen an increase of more than 44,000 new patients walk through its doors in the past five years. From 2012 to 2013 there was growth of almost 11,000 clients with an average of around 10,000 new clients each year since. The facility experienced a jump in numbers of 15,000 visits in 2015.

"Providence's current outpatient services reaches an average of 225,000 annual visits and the need is expected to increase, considering the amount of growth in the area," Bergen said. "Providence wants to be ready with additional office space to bring in more physicians when that happens, without having to worry about where they will be housed. This expansion project will allow us to serve our growing communities well for many years to come."

Part of the expansion will be focused on outpatient services.

"In health care across the United States, patient care is increasingly shifting to the outpatient arena as technology, home care, alternative care modalities and preventative care actually reduce hospitalizations," Bergen said. "Ninety percent of the care we provide is outpatient."

Providence will expand the cancer center and enlarge outpatient rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation. New MRI and CT diagnostic imaging equipment will occupy part of the space, including diagnostic imaging for mammography. Three more operating rooms for outpatient surgery for orthopedic, gynecological and eye surgeries will be added as well.

When the medical center opened it was recognized as the greenest hospital in the nation and the new facility is planned with environmental sustainability in mind.

"The design and construction will include such things as low-flow water fixtures, efficient lighting, low-volatile-organic-compounds furnishings and paint," Bergen said, adding that drought-resistant landscaping and bike racks to encourage alternative transportation will be installed as well.

The projected completion date of the facility is set for fall 2019.

As for jobs, as Providence grows so will its workforce. "The expansion will add many types of positions to our community, there is no doubt," Bergen said.

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