Kindness above and beyond the call

To the editor:

On July 22, as I was traveling from Newberg to Sherwood, I found the left lane blocked by a fire truck and police car. In between them was what appeared to be a young black labrador dog that had been hit by a car, even though the car was not there.

As I drove by, not knowing if the dog was dead or alive, I observed a policeman and a fireman giving aid to the dog, trying to sooth it until a decision could be made about its fate.

I was impressed by the action of those two departments and those two first responders. Thanks, guys.

Bill Whiteman, Sherwood

Shooting cat a cowardly act

To the editor:

On July 24, my wife and I spent the day at the veterinarian and then off to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital for 24 hours of ICU with what we originally thought was a sick cat.

What we found was that Nermal, our 6-year-old, seven pound calico cat had been shot with a pellet gun by some cowardly individual. The pellet entered between the ribs, just missing her spine, went through a lung and is lodged next to her heart.

At the urging of the veterinarian, I have reported this incident to the county sheriff.

For the casual reader who thinks that this is some stray cat defecating in a neighbor’s yard and “good riddance,” we live on a farm, well away from neighbors.

For the creep who shot my cat, please note that I have a long memory, that Nermal is far more than a simple cat and I won’t be forgiving if I ever find you hunting on my property. If you are a juvenile, out for fun, I intend to help your parents by instilling responsibility and accountability in your life through them.

Rick Johnson, Newberg

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