Obamacare must be repealed

To the editor:

President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi promoted passage of the Affordable Care Act as necessary to provide health coverage for some 30 million people living in the United States currently without health insurance. In promoting his signature piece of legislation, President Obama said it would lower costs by $2,500, that no one would lose their current policy if they wanted to keep it, and that you could keep your doctor.Dec. 18 letters

Over three years later, more than five million people (projected to climb to 15 million) have lost their coverage due to Obamacare and must secure new policies compliant with the new “standard” policy requirements or pay fines starting in 2014.

I am one of these people. My insurer has now offered me a new policy compliant with Obamacare. The cost is $2,499 per month (an unbelievable 156.1 percent increase over my previous policy), with an annual deductible of $2,500.

Obamacare policy has me purchasing healthcare components that I don’t need, will never use and don’t want. I would be better off buying a catastrophic healthcare policy and self fund normal, day-to-day health care costs. But this path is not allowed under Obamacare.

I am requesting that all of Oregon’s legislative representation to the federal government repeal Obamacare and work together to draft workable healthcare legislation that does not turn our healthcare over to the government. Work together for the good of the country, without regard to political party.

If this isn’t done before the 2014 election, this registered Democrat will vote a straight Republican ticket.

Rick Johnson, Newberg

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