To the editor:

I read in the Graphic that Newberg is getting sound barriers with the bypass. I looked into it and learned Dundee is getting no such consideration, not even landscaping on the side of the road toward town.

This is par for the course for a project that already shows complete disregard for Dundee. Why didn’t they build the intersection with Highway 99W first, rather than routing all their long-haul trucks through town and past the kids waiting for the school buses every morning?

Why did it take one of the neighbors complaining before the trucks stopped fully at signs and a water truck was brought out? Why did they start pounding footings on a bridge that should be a culvert pipe (a one-foot-deep creek) on Christmas Eve? Who decided that the road would have a 55 mph speed limit even within town limits? Who is approving these permits?

And as a payback for the inconveniences, could we at least get some trees planted on our side of the road to keep the road noise down?

Isaiah Cox, Dundee

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