County doesn’t take very good care of its roads

To the editor:

The road conditions around Yamhill County really suck.

Maintenance on the gravel roads is very near Third World conditions, except it’s not dirt but mud. The county sends a grader through once in a great while and the road looks nice for about half-day, at best. Then it goes into a condition that was worse than before the grader — mud slurry. You wash your car and drive down the hill and you can’t make out what color it is.

We ask for gravel and the county sends up one truckload and calls it good. It’s not good, it’s lousy maintenance. Other people must be complaining or maybe I’m just a complainer or maybe other people are afraid to complain. People need to speak when the government doesn’t do its job{img:33426}

Ted Johnson, Newberg

Bypass construction coming at the cost of trees, critters

To the editor:

The Newberg-Dundee bypass construction team is deforesting a section of natural habitat and a potential sound barrier between the eastside residents of Dundee and the future bypass. This area is not where the future road will go and might provide some sound relief to the local residents.

I have no idea why they are doing this. When I questioned the action with the Oregon Department of Transportation, the superintendent wrote me an email saying “future facilities will go there,” but there is nothing shown on the map on the project website. When I replied that I saw nothing on the project map in the area of the clearing, he did not respond.

I hope they did their environmental studies because I’m sure there are/were all sorts of critters in the woods. Just the night before the first section of woods came out I was on a walk and stopped to listen to an owl sitting in the trees that are no longer there. A big, majestic 100-plus-year-old oak is next along their clear cutting march north.

I’ve posted a photo on the blog I’m starting with the topic of the many ways this project is not considering the community. You can find my blog on BlogSpot, titled DundeeBypass. I’ve included a photo of the clear-cutting activities to date for public review.

Isaiah Cox, Dundee

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