Jensen has the skills to be a good state representative

To the editor:

Barbara Jensen has been a close friend of mine for the past 10 years. She embodies so many qualities that would make for a great state representative, but I feel the characteristic that holds the most weight for me is trust.

Over the years, her consistency, resolve and dedication to work and causes that she supports have led me to trust her judgment. As a state representative I know she will look at all sides of the issue to do what is best for her constituents.April 9 letters to the editor

She has earned my complete trust through her actions as my friend. I also know her beliefs are in line with my own and my community through the many conversations we have had through the years, so I trust she will do what is best for the people of House District 25.

I believe Barbara Jensen would make a wonderful state representative and I fully support her in that endeavor.

Benjamin Garrett, Salem

Newberg’s pool is crumbling and needs our help

To the editor:

Seth Gordon did an excellent job in the Feb. 26 article reporting on the poor condition of our local pool and the citizens group working to renovate the facility. The pool has touched many individuals in our community since it was built nearly 50 years ago, and now that parts of it have begun to crumble, I think we have an obligation to make it last for another 50 years.

The Chehalem Parks and Recreation District owns the pool and has been lobbied by a group of local citizens to make the necessary renovations. The CPRD board of directors has assured the group, appropriately named the Chehalem Pool Committee, that they will seek a bond measure to fund the renovation if the community supports the effort.

As a result, you may receive a polling call in May asking your opinion on this matter, and there are many reasons to lend your support. Consider the value of a local pool to our children learning to swim, the elderly seeking fitness, our firefighters training for water rescues and our student athletes enhancing their lives through sport and healthy competition. Contemplate the role this pool plays in the overall quality of our lives, and from a different perspective, what we will lose if we don’t act soon to protect its future.

I urge you to support this effort, to learn more about the need and to share this information with your friends and neighbors. Community awareness is a step toward community action and that action is necessary to save our pool and ensure the next generation benefits from this asset as we have.

Mike Schrage, Newberg

Design of Newberg road is horrible

To the editor:

I just really need to complain and I don’t know to whom.

East Mountainview Drive from Villa Road (Newberg Christian Church) and west toward College Street is a beautifully accessible street to walk or ride a bike. And Mountainview Drive from Herman Street (A-dec Inc.) and east toward The Allison Inn is equally new and inviting for pedestrian exercise.

But what on earth happened, or didn’t happen, with the half-mile of no-man’s land between Villa Road and Herman Street? It drops down into a ravine of a death trap with not even the slightest shoulder of road on either side. You choose between walking and biking right in the street where drivers cannot see you until they blindingly zoom down the hill, or you can cliff-dive into the gullies for safety.

Granted, we have a plethora of overly-patched and deeply-potholed roads all over town that need attention, but I so wish there could be some form of safe connection between these two heavily funded areas of East Mountainview Drive.

Sue Fryer, Newberg

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