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Neither candidate in the Republican primary are particularly suited for position

In the race for the primary for the House District 25 seat, Republican voters are faced with a conundrum: there just isn’t that much difference between candidates Bill Post and Barbara Jensen.April 16 editorial

Both are affable, fairly down-to-earth individuals with a passion to serve the people of Oregon. Neither have much in the way of experience in elected office, although Jensen has had considerable experience working with city and state government entities.

Both, when meeting with our community editorial board last week, knew shockingly nothing of the Grand Bargain struck last fall between Gov. Kitzhaber and the Legislature on PERS reforms and school funding.

Post speaks well, as you would expect from somebody with 30 years in radio under his belt. Jensen has a passion for veterans’ issues and is involved in the “Spirit of ‘45” campaign.

They both said they would continue District 25 incumbent Kim Thatcher’s defense of the 2nd Amendment, both have a disdain for the Affordable Care Act and its manifestation within the state, Cover Oregon.

Both said they would support the voters’ wishes on gay marriage and legalizing marijuana for recreational use, but neither supported those controversial issues from a personal standpoint.

Both tended to be a bit naive about the impact a freshman legislator could have on the agenda of their chambers and parties in the Legislature, but that is a common issue among new, idealistic candidates.

When it came to deliberating on who would receive the editorial board’s endorsements, Jensen’s deep experience in state government, including a stint as chief procurement officer, tipped the board in her favor. We believe that experience will come in handy in the Legislature’s oversight of state boards and commissions; she knows how government is supposed to work and, we believe, will ask the right questions.

The winner of the primary will go on to face Independent Party candidate Chuck Lee in the November general election. We suspect there will be clear distinctions between the two candidates.

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