Allen Springer is a fine county commissioner

To the editor:

I would like to let the Yamhill County taxpayers know what a great choice we have made by electing Mr. Allen Springer to his current county commissioner position.

Mr. Springer brings many years of business knowledge to the county. Mr. Springer brings to us his background in running his contracting business. What a true success story for all Yamhill County residents to follow as a true example of a leader.

The statement Allen made in the Feb. 21 edition of the News-Register was certainly good news for businesses who lost money and are “nonprofit.” Mr. Springer points out that “you have to make a profit, or otherwise you’re ­really a non-profit, whether you want to be or not” he said. This is where we need to push the envelope. This statement was related to paying county taxes, or not.

The year was 1994 and I was a dairy farmer here in Yamhill County and had to declare bankruptcy due to the fact that it was a for-profit business that became an unprofitable business. With all of that, I was not relieved of any of my tax obligations to Yamhill County or any other taxes that were owed.

I sure wish Mr. Springer was in office then; I sure could have used the county’s help.

If you own a for-profit business here in Yamhill County and you have struggled with keeping it a for-profit business, call Commissioner Springer, because he is here to help. He can be reached at 1-503-434-7501 or contact him in person at his office located on Fifth and Evans streets in McMinnville.

Todd Holt, McMinnville

Starrett is a ‘go-getter’

To the editor:

As a Newberg businessman I read your paper most diligently, agreeing sometimes and disagreeing other times. Recently you endorsed a candidate for county commissioner because she knew her way around government and was experienced.

I am concerned about electing the same old insiders that continue to tread water, rather then be a go-getter with new ideas.

How I appreciate government, I am concerned when they continually sponsor projects not aimed at the well-being of the whole — all these little projects siphon off money when our roads are a disaster, schools graduate two-thirds of those entering and school attendance is ranked second to the lowest in the nation.

No, I disagree with your endorsement. I am looking forward to having a new face, new ideas and a go-getter not complacent with a “what will be will be” attitude as county commissioner, so I am voting for Mary Starrett. If you want the same old poor schools, roads and interests support her opponent. But if you are looking for improvements from new ideas and action, then I suggest you vote for Mary Starrett.

Robert Griffin, Newberg

Vote for Starrett and Thatcher in May

To the editor:

We, the voters of Yamhill County and Senate District 13, have the grand and glorious opportunity to elect two of the finest candidates ever to seek political office. These are Mary Starrett for Yamhill County commissioner, Position 3, and Kim Thatcher for State Senate District 13.

Kim has been a true representative of the people in her current position as state representative for District 25, and will continue to shine even more brightly as our state senator. This fine lady has been and will continue to be solid gold.

Mary, along with her heart for standing alongside our worthy veterans (I’m the father of an Iraq war veteran and the son of a World War II) is one savvy and conscientious servant of her fellow citizens. For far too many reasons to list she will do a tremendous job for us as county commissioner.

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of knowing both of these magnificent stalwarts for a number of years and can vouch for their integrity, patriotism, strength in the face of opposition and ability to serve in all respects. Their hearts as well as their heads are truly in the right place. If only there were more like them. Both actually know what the Constitution is and why we have it.

Let’s do ourselves, our loved ones and our fellow citizens a real favor — let’s elect Mary Starrett and Kim Thatcher to serve us admirably.

Jim Cropper, Newberg

Tim Svenson has the experience to lead

To the editor:

As a 30-year veteran of Yamhill County law enforcement, I have known all three candidates for sheriff for many years.

I met Tim Casey when I was detective sergeant in the Newberg Police Department in the 1980s, when he became a reserve officer. I loved his humor and common sense. I especially enjoyed stories of his repossession business, and the excitement it brought. Tim is a trusted friend who deserves nothing but the best.

I met Joe Shipley around the same time when he was assigned to YCINT, our county drug team. I supervised Newberg police detectives and we worked cases together. I was impressed by his ability. Joe is a solid guy — an asset to our county.

I met Tim Svenson when I became Sheriff’s Office operations captain in 2003. Impressed with his intelligence, attitude and work ethic, I came to trust Tim implicitly. As a supporter when he became sergeant, I quickly made him my administrative sergeant where he represented the sheriff and I often.

Tim understood our multiple budgets, totaling more than $13 million. He understood technology, state reporting requirements, drug enforcement, emergency management and contracts. Tim advocated for the needs of cities that contracted with the sheriff’s office for law enforcement, making sure they received the best service.

In 2009, Sgt. Svenson left patrol to work in the jail. Tim explained he needed an understanding of this area of sheriff’s responsibility. Shortly thereafter, he earned executive certification in corrections and patrol — the sixth and highest certification Oregon offers (his opponents have second and third level in only one discipline).

In 2011, I retired and Svenson became captain. Now he is one of three great men running for sheriff, but the only one fully prepared.

I highly recommend Tim Svenson as your next sheriff. All are good cops, but only Svenson has the managerial experience necessary.

Ken Summers, Cornelius police chief

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