Sheriff is key position in county law enforcement, so voters should do their homework

The election of an individual to the position of sheriff, the chief law enforcement officer, should not be taken lightly.

I believe it is incumbent upon the citizens of Yamhill County to consider serious questions about real issues directed at each of the candidates.

Any regime change includes personnel changes, and each candidate has plans to keep (i.e. status quo) or replace certain personnel.May 7 guest opinion

For example, the assistant to the sheriff, also the administrative support manager. Who is their chosen assistant and what are their qualifications, work ethic and managerial skills like?

More importantly, will they fit the existing group dynamic or push people out of the sheriff’s office?

What knowledge does each candidate possess regarding the changing tides of social and cultural issues, and what are they prepared to do to address potentially negative outcomes from these changes affecting the livability in Yamhill County?

What are the candidate’s views on present day issues of increased alcohol abuse and DUIIs, increased drug trafficking in meth and/or heroin, mental health, and the impact of legalized medical marijuana with potential for abuse with illegal grows and distribution?

Does each candidate understand and appreciate how important emotional intelligence is to the role of law enforcement?

What does each candidate believe is the foundation of their ability to be a leader (beyond experience and certifications), and can they articulate what that foundation is?

What kind of leadership will they bring to the sheriff’s office: transformational, transactional, goal-oriented, active and role-modeling, situational, mixed style or Laissez-faire/passive leadership?

The answers the candidates give (or don’t) to these questions will have an impact on whom I (and I hope every citizen of Yamhill County) will consider voting for as the next sheriff of Yamhill County.

Tony Spurlock is a Newberg resident

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