Our apathy gives gun rights activists to dictate issue

(Editor’s note: This letter is in response to several guest opinions that appeared in the June 25 edition of the Newberg Graphic).

Thank you for your sincere and heartfelt columns in the Newberg Graphic. Your comments may be summarized as the result of non-gun owning citizens’ apathy. Additionally, you wonder at what point can we expect that the bloodshed and death will override our apathy.July 9 letters to the editor

Unfortunately neither you nor other editors acknowledge that where apathy exists some willingly tread upon it. Gun rights’ activists, i.e. NRA, have exploited our apathy, to their great advantage. They have successfully dictated, through government officials, that the Second Amendment grants them the right to carry loaded guns in national parks, the right to carry concealed guns, the right to a special level of secrecy for concealed gun licensees, and despite the complete absence of any need to defend themselves, the right to individually or collectively carry guns in public places.

Nowhere in the Second Amendment are these dictates stated.

The sole purpose of a gun is to kill a living being. Thus, humans instinctively fear them. Yet, upon meeting a gun carrier, humans are expected to determine with split-second accuracy whether a carrier is intent on bodily harm or just intent on provoking fear.

Human nature infallibly predicts that the Tillamook theater incident will repeat. Concealed, loaded guns are allowed in and on Oregon’s public school campuses. It is a catastrophe awaiting an opportunity. Will it equal or exceed Sandy Hook Elementary School?

Apathy has led us to live under a dictatorship. Like all dictatorships, this one aggressively and skillfully employs fear of government gun confiscation and repression — of reasonable, sensible gun controls — to maintain the status quo.

Geoff Godfrey, Newberg

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