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Don't despair, take action to change things

To the editor:

Feeling helpless and hopeless in politics? 

Go to and sign up for daily action alerts. As the website explains, "Daily Action alerts make civic engagement easy. You can contact your legislator on your way to work."

Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the Daily Action home page to read The New York Times article, "Here's why you should call not email your legislators."Feb. 8 letters to the editor

You can make a difference.

Janice Allen, Newberg

Will bypass or casino decrease traffic?

To the editor:

So the long talked about bypass is nearly complete and a bunch of our traffic problems (will soon) go away? Of course this Band-Aid will not help (much) until Phase 2 has really put concrete on the ground for completion. I say that based on the idea of the tie-ups that will now occur at the Springbook Road/Highway 99W intersection. This end, as at the Dundee end, of flowing two lanes into one will make for a real headache to the flow. And how many trucks will it take to have the south leg down Springbrook Road backed up trying to get out onto 99W? So now some will go to Villa Road and add to the congestion there as well.

  So along comes our saving grace in traffic numbers – casino. The new casino just 18 miles from Portland is due to open around the end of April. You can just bet where most of the traffic from the Portland, Vancouver and eastside will go then. I have been saying for years that if one just checks the plates on cars going between Newberg and Dundee, it seems that almost three out of 10 are Washington plates. Are they going to the coast? Maybe some are destination bound for another casino or just our beaches?  My thoughts would be that when this new casino opens we might expect a 20 percent reduction in cars passing through? Maybe the Indians might help us out this time.

 Of course we will never know if the numbers are really down. They will never release the counts before and after this opening. Only when the bypass opens will we see anything. So try and take note of traffic before and after the end of April. Of course I have no idea of when they might really open, so it's a guess on timing for what I believe to be a big help for us.

Roger Currier, Newberg

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