Cash raised through Kickstarter allows Newberg Bakery to prep for opening

In 46 days, Brenda Burg and Bruce Bishop raised $30,722 — enough to open Newberg Bakery — through Kickstarter and community support.

“When we began to think about the idea of using Kickstarter for fundraising we wanted the goal to be an amount that was attainable,” Berg said. “With all of the verbal support and encouragement coming our way, we knew that we had a very good chance of making our goal.”by: GARY ALLEN - After raising more than $30,000, Newberg Bakery will open at 621 E. First St. where Allure Hair Design currently resides. Bakery owners Brenda Burg and Bruce Bishop hope to open early November.

Although Berg said near the end of fundraising they were nervous they wouldn’t reach their goal, which would mean they wouldn’t receive any of the funds as a part of Kickstarter policy.

“Before we got started we had heard that the first and final weeks would be the biggest for fundraising, and that held true in our case as well,” she said.

Now, they are hoping for a November opening at 621 E. First St.

“The current tenant, Allure Hair Design, is actively seeking a place to relocate. Sandra Stone, Allure’s owner, has been very understanding of our timeline and has been pursuing another location for the past several weeks,” Berg said. “Once we’re able to move into the space, we plan to spend the next five to six weeks putting in the kitchen and eating area.”

These installations will include equipment as well as remodeling the kitchen.

“Not only are we purchasing heavy equipment like a four-level stone deck oven that sprays water during the first few minutes to create steam for a crackly bread crust, but we are buying individually-crafted pottery mugs for our customers to use and a beautiful display case for our pastries, salads and cakes,” Bishop said.

Those are purchases that Bishop said couldn’t have happened without the support of the community.

“Brenda and I have both lived in Newberg for several decades and have built extensive networks of friends and community. It was some of these folks who prompted us to consider using Kickstarter in the first place,” he said. “The opportunity to fund part of our equipment through an open invitation like Kickstarter has allowed us to expand that community several-fold. People neither of us had met previously are now journeying with us as we move forward toward our opening date. Not only do they post on our Facebook page and drop by our venues, but they’ve been telling their friends about us or purchasing gift cards for their friends to use once we are open.”

Bishop said the idea to use Kickstarter came from friends who wanted to help them get started.

“The first couple of months when we started letting people know our plans, we had several friends ask if they could contribute or if they could pre-purchase bread to help us get going and to whet their own appetites,” Bishop said. “This excitement from our friends and community made us want to figure out a way to involve them. Sure, having the funds up front is an incredible boost, but the amount of support and ownership that Newberg now has for the bakery far exceeds the benefits of the funds. It has been fun to have people come up to our booth at Tunes on Tuesday and say, ‘Hey! I’m a backer!’ And without knowing them in the slightest, we’ve had this immediate sense of camaraderie and connection between us. They believe in us and are welcoming us to Newberg even while we are still in the formative stages.”

Bishop said it’s also this enthusiasm from the community and the investors that led Berg and himself to create a new “bread share” program.

“A bread share is much like a share in a “Community Supported Agriculture” farm,” he said. “With a Newberg Bakery bread share, you can pre-purchase a loaf of bread each week for a full month (or longer) and then just show up on the day you would like to grab a fresh loaf, point it out to us, and walk out the door to enjoy it with your family or friends. As a bread share holder, you’ve already paid for your bread up front, allowing us to count on the sale and have the finances to purchase the ingredients, and your reward is a cheaper-than-retail price and the joy of knowing it was baked for you.”

Bishop said even though they haven’t opened their doors yet, the experience makes them feel like they are building a loyal clientele and group of friends.

“It so happens that both Brenda and I are Quakers, and that background encourages us to live life with simplicity, community and beauty,” he said. “We hope to express those values through Newberg Bakery and allow the community of Newberg to have one more place to be at home.”

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