September brings to close the water year. This year Rex Hill recorded 49.35 inches of precipitation; last year we had 44.83 inches. Our average year is now 43.02 inches. Our wettest year was in 1997 with 69.15 inches and the driest year was in 1977 with 24.25 inches.

This September was a bit cooler and much wetter than last year. The 8.31 inches of precipitation makes this the wettest September since Dad began keeping records on a temporary basis in 1944. The second wettest year is now 1945 with 4.75 inches. Last year we had 0.11 inches during the month. We have had several Septembers with no measurable precipitation. That last one was in 1993.

Our average September high temperature this year was 70.9 degrees, compared with last year’s 77.8 degrees, while that average low was 53.7 degrees, compared to 51.7 degrees the year prior.

The first grapes for this harvest arrived at August Cellar Sept. 19. We also have a great crop of acorns this year. They are large and we can hear them as they fall on the house. They are especially loud when they hit the skylight. The squirrels and blue jays should have good eating for a while. I expect to find a lot of new oaks sprouting in the garden as I know some will get buried by the jays.

By Lewis Schaad for The Newberg GraphicRex Hill Rainfall - September 2013

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