Linda Jett discovers writing unintentionally, now published in numerous anthologies

It’s been five years since Linda Jett got back into writing. In that time, she’s had more than a dozen pieces published, most recently a short story in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just Us Girls.”

“My friend had submitted and been published in ‘Chicken Soup’ before. She suggested I submit,” Jett said. “She knew just enough about my life to know I’d have some things they’d be looking for.”

As a writer, Jett is a little different. She doesn’t identify herself as a writer, but as a librarian and massage therapist, the careers she has followed her whole life. As for pieces, she writes them mostly on a call-for-submission KATHY SWORD - Recently published -- New author Linda Jett was recently published in 'Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just Us Girls.' Jett writes mostly on a call-for-submission basis, drawing from her life experiences.

“I didn’t make an effort to write,” she said. “I’m an avid reader. It’s just a logical progression.”

Jett said she got started again when she was looking for something she could do with her semi-retired husband.

“I was looking for something to do in common. He wanted to write a science fiction trilogy and I thought if we joined a group he could do that and I could support him,” she said.

But at a writers’ conference that summer, an instructor told them they needed to submit at least one piece for publication that year.

“She emailed us so it was like she was holding us accountable,” she said. “I met her at conference next year and I said, ‘It’s your fault (that I started writing).’”

At that same conference, Jett met the inspiration for her ‘Chicken Soup’ piece, “Waltzing with Matilda.”

“This was a relationship that came out of the blue, I wasn’t looking for it,” Jett said. “She went to work on her writing skills, I went to work on my writing skills and we ended up sitting at the same big round table.”

Jett said instead of sharing what she was writing, Matilda started blurting out personal information.

“She’s normally a very shy person,” she said. “The fact that she was able to share all that really impressed me and it made me feel close to her.”

This sparked what has been a three-and-a-half year friendship.

“It’s really a next door neighbor relationship, but it’s all virtual,” she said.

For future pieces, Jett said she isn’t sure what subjects she might explore. She recently submitted a second piece to the ‘Chicken Soup’ series and has a few pieces that are scheduled to be released next year.

“I thought I would write children’s books because I’ve read so many and I have grandchildren, but right now it’s just little poems and stories of what’s happening in my own life (for) anthologies,” she said.

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