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December 2013

This December was cold and foggy. Or maybe we thought it was foggy because we were in the low clouds. Several times when we went to Newberg and got down to the golf course, we were out of the fog.

If you felt things have been dry, you are correct as you will see in the next three paragraphs.

We received a total of 1.77 inches of precipitation this month, which made it the third driest December in our record book. Last year we received 9.89 inches of precipitation. The December average is 6.91 inches. Our December record rainfall was in 1996 with 16.33 inches and the driest was in 1992 with 1.12 inches.

We ended the calendar year with 29.80 inches of precipitation, compared to 57.56 inches last year. This makes it the third driest calendar year since Rex 1S was moved here and our family began making observations. Our driest year was in 1985 with 25.28 inches; the wettest was 1996 with 73.49 inches. Our annual average is 42.76 inches.

We received 6.28 inches of precipitation, making it the second driest first quarter of the water year. The driest quarter was 1977 with 3.87 inches of precipitation. Last year we had 25.83 inches; the average is about 17 inches.

Our December average high temperature was 39.2 degrees, compared to last year’s 44.2 degrees. The average low was 28.6 degrees, compared to 35.6 degrees last year.

The hazelnuts are beginning to show catkins. There are lots of birds at the feeders, including a large covey of quail. We also keep seeing the deer in the area and there is a special deer hunting season in this area until the end of February.

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