Theater — New play The Games Afoot a play on Sherlock Holmes, opens April 3

Unlike the past two productions by George Fox University’s drama troupe, “The Game’s Afoot,” is comedic and a murder mystery.

“As the students say, this is really ‘Clue’ on stage,” said director Rhett Luedtke, in reference to the 1985 game-to-movie production. “We haven’t done a murder mystery at Fox for at least 11 years, so we wanted to jump back in and explore that genre again.”

The play is a recent production by Ken Ludwig, known for his comedic masterpieces.

“I’ve been a long admirer of his work, and this is his first attempt of a comedic murder mystery,” he said.

The plot centers around William Gillette, the character based on a playwright of the same name from the early 1900s.

“He was the first person to put Sherlock Holmes on the stage,” Luedtke said. “He was a colleague of Sir Conan Doyle, the writer of Sherlock Holmes. He asked Doyle is he could create a version of Sherlock Holmes, he said yes, so Gillette made a version that ran on and off for 20 years.”

So the play centers around the historical figure of Gillette.

“On one of the closing nights in New York, he ends up getting shot in the arm,” he said. “Back in Connecticut, he invited his cast mates to spend Christmas with him. His goal is to find out in that evening who shot him.”

He said in the process of solving the mystery, he takes on the attributes of Holmes.

“He doesn’t actually put on the costume, but he becomes the problem solver,” Luedtke said. “He has to solve the mystery before he’s killed.”

Although he said rehearsals are going well, because of spring break and Easter, production preparation is shortened to four weeks instead of five.

“But because the cast is only eight students as opposed to the musical with 21, we’re able to work quickly,” he said. “They’re pulling it together quite nicely. It’s just a fun, lighthearted good time.”

“The Game’s Afoot” opens at 7:30 pm. April 3. For tickets and more information, visit

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